Cancer study localized

When the American Cancer Society conducted the first Cancer Prevention Study in 1959, they discovered the link between tobacco use and lung cancer.
Now the final phase of the study is in progress and people in Eau Claire can get involved.
Adults ages 30-65 can participate in CPS-3, which aims to find more connections between the choices we make and cancer.
Kristopher Bergstrom, community relations representative for the Midwest division of the American Cancer Society, said education on the matter is  important.


“We want to better understand how lifestyle, behavioral, environmental and genetic factors correlate and cause cancer … and hopefully eliminate cancer as a major health problem for this generation and future generations,” Bergstrom said.
The second phase of this study found links between lifestyle choices like eating healthy and exercising and cancer. The third phase will review other criteria in hopes they find even more connections to cancer causing agents.
Subjects provide a blood sample upon enrollment. Periodic questionnaires and blood samples will be the basis for future research.
Previous studies have made ground-breaking advancements in cancer research. While the average UW-Eau Claire student may not be eligible to participate, Bergstrom said students should know about the study so they can connect with
possible participants.
“It’s important to get the information out there and students are a great resource for that,” Bergstrom said. “This is a study that’s going to impact them and their children in the future.”
For the study to be most effective, subjects need to be studied over long periods of time and younger people may be harder to keep track of. Bergstrom said younger people can still be helpful by using their connection to spread the word.
“They have connections not only throughout the university, but throughout the community and with their parents,” Bergstrom said.
Junior athletic training major and President of Colleges Against Cancer, Simone Muller, said getting involved is key.