Group collecting unwanted items

Don’t throw that out, someone else could use it.

Laura Jones, founder of the community organization Pagan Activities Network, said she saw a lot of useful objects being wasted when students move out of the dorms.

“I thought that maybe most of the stuff that is just getting dumped could go to good use,” she said. “Instead of going to a landfill, it could be going to good causes.”

Project Rescue, a PAN organized event, is a first for the group. It plans to collect as many unwanted items as possible from students moving out of the dorms and donate them to the Bolton Refuge House.

If there are items left over after the Bolton Refuge House collects what it wants, the items will be donated to other charities.

Senior and PAN member Jeannine Stucklen said the goal of this project is to keep furniture and appliances out of the landfills and to give the items to people who are in need of them.

“We remember what it was like moving out of the dorms,” Jones said. “You can’t always fit everything you need to in your car, but you don’t have enough to rent a U-Haul, so you have to get rid of some of it.”

Project Rescue gives students a chance to lighten their loads and give to a good cause at the same time.

The project is also approved to fill 15 hours of the university service-learning requirement.

Students can get a form from the service-learning office, Schneider 113A, and follow the instructions on it, Stucklen said.

Help is needed in picking up items from dorms and with collecting items at dumpsters, Stucklen said.

Project Rescue will be collecting items on upper campus and lower campus. On upper campus, it will be located near the dumpsters by Towers and Sutherland halls.

On lower campus, it will be collecting between Putnam and Katharine Thomas halls.

“We figured that we should be right at the dumpsters to get the stuff before kids actually throw it away,” Jones said. “We think that actually sitting at the dumpsters will help people donate more.”

Students also can call and request pick-up service for larger items.

The group will be collecting items Wednesday, May 15 through Saturday, May 18.

“This will keep the stuff out of the landfills,” Jones said. “It’s also going to a good cause and may be saving the university money on dumpsters.”