Wonder Women

Rewriting and revamping “girl code”


Wonder Women, there isn’t anything a girl can’t do

Story by Samantha Geiger, OP/ED Editor

Alright ladies and gents, but mainly the ladies, let’s talk. 

It is time for us to write our own rules. It is time for us to rewrite the “girl code.” 

We are letting the boys get away with too much, I mean come on they have “Saturdays are for the boys,” like, where’s a day for the girls? 

We deserve to have a day meant for us. Like maybe “Fridays are for the babes” let’s keep brainstorming, shall we? 

Moving forward, we girls need to stick together. We cannot pin each other against one another. Our first instinct is to blame the girl because it’s easier. A prime example is when the guy you have been talking to has a girlfriend, so the girlfriend then automatically blames the girl for hitting on her man and forgives the guy. 

Now that isn’t the case for every situation, I understand that, but if you know the guy you are talking to might have a girlfriend, find her on Instagram and message her. Be honest. 

It is time for us to rewrite the girl code. 

Last weekend, my friend and I were going out to the bars on Water Street, I was wearing a snakeskin tank top and a pair of jean shorts. I wasn’t exactly feeling confident in my outfit I felt as though the vision I had in my head didn’t match up with what I saw in the mirror, but decided to wear it anyway. 

We walked into The Pickle and within ten minutes of being there, I had gotten multiple compliments on my outfit. I walked out of the bar feeling way more confident than I did walking in. 

Sister, if you are having mixed emotions about how you look one day, walk inside a bathroom at a bar and you will leave with 10 compliments, a new friend or two and maybe even a touched-up face. 

Now onto rewriting the girl code. 

I saw we keep the basic ones such as; don’t hate on one another, rescue any girl you may see getting hit on by a creep and all ex’s, siblings and close friends are off-limits unless you have permission. 

But let’s dig a little deeper and get creative. 

  1. Make it a mission to compliment five girls every day, whether it’s their shoes or they simply look really nice that day. 
  2. Do a smile check, this one applies to after eating. Make sure your girl doesn’t have stuff stuck in her teeth
  3. Compliment a girl with her biggest insecurities. For example, my biggest insecurities are my stomach, boobs and thighs. The other day my friend said my boobs looked really good in the shirt I was wearing. 
  4. When you get complimented on your fire outfit tell a girl where you got your cute clothes and shoes from. I love giving a girl a compliment on something she’s wearing and she automatically tells me where she got it from. Like, thank you!
  5. Be a bodyguard to a girl who is trying to get away from a creep. Step in between her and them. You know they will do the same thing in return.
  6. Last, but certainly not least, no judgment. 

Nothing is more comforting than knowing that you have a whole community of girls who are going to be there for you. Make them your safe space. 

To be honest, a lot of girls intimidate me. I am afraid of being judged by someone way prettier, skinnier and way smarter than me. 

But, I don’t want to feel intimidated anymore. 

I want and need my ladies in my corner. At the end of the day, there’s nothing better than having the love and support from the ladies because, if need be, they will beat someone up. 

All in favor of the new “girl code” rules say, I. 

I hereby put in place the new and improved “girl code.”

Geiger can be reached at [email protected]