A loss and a tie for Blugold swim teams

    UW-Eau Claire swim and dive takes home a tie and a loss against UW-La Crosse

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    The men’s swim and dive team came away with a tie against UW-La Crosse this past weekend.

    UW-Eau Claire’s men’s and women’s swimming and diving teams went up against UW-La Crosse in a head to head meet. While the women’s team lost by a score of 178-122, the men were able to keep the score even, ending with a 147-147 tie. 

    Collin Miller, a fourth-year swimmer for the Blugolds, said UW-La Crosse is typically a competitive team that challenges UW-Eau Claire each season. 

    “I think UW-La Crosse is very competitive,” Collin said. “I think as a whole they have a lot of depth, which can make it a little challenging and intimidating to compete against.”

    Despite the loss for the women, the team still won multiple events. In total, the Blugolds won five events during the meet. Emma Steffel, a second-year swimmer, won the 100 and 200 yard backstroke. She also contributed to winning the 200 yard medley relay. 

    Though the women’s team did not beat UW-La Crosse, Annie Ryder, UW-Eau Claire head swim and dive coach, said she thought that in terms of focus and energy, both teams excelled. 

    “They put themselves in a position to be successful,” Ryder said. “There was a lot of energy and excitement on deck. A lot of them had some of their best season times, so we were really happy with that.” 

    The UW-Eau Claire men’s swim and dive team won eight events in this dual meet. Miller won many of these events, including the 200 yard free, the 50 yard free and the 100 yard free. Dylan Glumac-Berberich, a third-year swimmer, won the one meter and three meter dives. 

    Miller said improving on the little things and preventing small mistakes would help the Blugolds succeed in future meets.    

    “A lot of points were lost this weekend because of very small mistakes. As the season goes on, I think it’s very important that we get a better handle on the little details,” Miller said. “I have a lot of faith in the team, and I see every day just how hard they are working, so I have no doubt that we can resolve those little areas of improvement.”

    Ryder said she appreciated the teamwork she saw within the Blugolds throughout the men’s and women’s meets.

    “The teams did great,” Ryder said. “We were very happy with how the team stepped up. They competed as a team. I think they understood the importance of every point, and they were swimming for their team, so we were really happy with that.” 

    Overall, Miller thought the team’s support of one another was a strength that helped the Blugolds be as successful as they were.  

    “I’m very proud of the team’s overall performance at the meet this weekend,” Miller said. “I think we saw a lot of really good swims and a lot of individuals really stepping up when we needed them to. I’m also really thrilled with the energy and support on deck. Everyone was cheering and having a good time, which is exactly what the sport is about.”

    The UW-Eau Claire swim and dive teams will be going up against St. Cloud in their next meet at 6 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 9. 


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