Blugolds scoreless against UW-Whitewater Warhawks

    UW-Eau Claire lost 0-45 to No. 5 UW-Whitewater at home on Saturday

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    Cameron Swanson, a third-year student, goes in for the ball against No. 13 on UW-Whitewater’s offense.

    Photo by Chico La Barbera

    Cameron Swanson, a third-year student, goes in for the ball against No. 13 on UW-Whitewater’s offense.

    On home turf, Eau Claire battled No. 5 UW-Whitewater Saturday, which resulted in a 45-0 loss for the Blugolds.

    UW-Eau Claire was not just playing for victory — the team was raising awareness for cancer, as well as honoring the 1963 and 1964 WIAC Champion teams. The old teammates gathered on the field to chat and reminisce on their times as Blugold football players.

    In the first quarter, UW-Whitewater made two touchdowns. The first occurred on the 12:39 mark, with field goal to add another point for the team. This was followed by Warhawk Alex Peete scoring a touchdown on a three-yard run, and the kick was good.

    The second quarter remained scoreless until the 9:42 mark when Whitewater’s kicker made a successful 40-yard field goal, making the score 17-0.

    Going into halftime, the Blugold team was itching to get onto the scoreboard.

    Tye McLaughlin, a fourth-year tight end, noticed Whitewater’s defense during the game.

    “Whitewater has the reputation of having a good football team,” McLaughlin said. “I think we’re putting offense on us from an offensive standpoint, if we play our game, we need to be successful.”

    The third quarter approached and the Blugolds couldn’t make a dent in the scoreboard, while Whitewater charged ahead with two touchdowns and two field goals.

    When the fourth quarter began, the score was 31-0. The Blugolds fought to keep Whitewater’s offense from scoring but were unable to keep their ground and lost two more touchdowns and fields goals. The final score of the game was 45-0.

    Offensively, the Blugolds didn’t deliver the points, but Scott Procter, a fourth-year quarterback, said he has hope.

    “It comes down to execution — individual execution,” Procter said. “Coming out with the right mindset is part of that, and just playing confidently is going to lead to the results we want.”

    Cameron Swanson, a cornerback third-year, said Whitewater is fifth in the nation for Division III. The Blugolds knew the battle would be tough, but Swanson said UW-Eau Claire football is not a losing program.

    “It’s tough — this conference is tough,” Swanson said. “We still have four more opportunities to make this a great season. We’re not quitting, we’re not acting like we are a losing team.”

    The Blugolds will hit the road to take on UW-Platteville on Oct. 20 at 1 p.m.

    “We are focused on Platteville,” Swanson said. “We are focused on getting this win against them.”

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