Blugold softball play Pointers and Eagles

    UW-Eau Claire continues conference games with wins against UW-Stevens Point and UW-La Crosse

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    The Blugolds continued conference play with games against UW-Stevens Point and UW-La Crosse

    Last Sunday, the UW-Eau Claire Blugolds softball team played against the UW-Stevens Point Pointers, defeating them in both games. The weather conditions were finally cooperating this weekend, and Blugold softball was able to play the Pointers after Saturday’s games were postponed.

    The first game of the day started with two runs at the top of the first  from Stevens Point. These two runs would equate to the only in the game for the Pointers. The Blugolds drew two walks and one strikeout in the bottom of the first.

    In the second inning both teams managed no runs, but also kept their opponents from scoring.

    The Blugolds cut their lead in half with a run at the bottom of the third. This run was scored by Gretchen Arneson, second-year catcher, with help from Katie Rongstad, second-year in/out fielder, who singled scoring Arneson.

    It wasn’t until the sixth inning that the Blugolds would score another run. Sarah Peka, second-year pitcher, scored a double, which opened the opportunity for Bri Calder, junior in/outfielder, to score a second run. UW-Eau Claire took the lead in the seventh inning with a final run from Katelyn Yute, first-year in/outfielder. The opening game yielded a win for the Blugolds and ended with a score of 2-3.

    Neither team managed any runs until Eau Claire scored at the bottom of the fourth. The first run was made by Arneson. Close behind her was Abbey Place, first-year catcher, who also scored a run for the Blugolds during the bottom of the fourth.

    Pointers responded with a run at the top of the fifth, but this would be their only run of the game. Throughout the next two innings, the Blugolds managed to defend their lead against Stevens Point. The Pointers compiled a total of five hits this game which outnumbered the Blugolds’ total of four.

    The double header ended with Eau Claire walking away with two wins as the second game finished with a score of 2-1.

    Monday’s games saw Eau Claire face off against UW-La Crosse. The Eagles snatched the victories of both games, and gave the Blugolds their first Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference loss.

    The first game on Monday ended with only five innings completed. The Eagles won 8-0. For the beginning of the game, La Crosse had a small lead of 3-0, but in the fourth inning they accumulated a total of five runs. The game ended with a total of seven hits for the Eagles and only three for the Blugolds.

    Game two allowed one run for Eau Claire. This run came from Katelyn Yute during the top of the fifth. This run was not enough to beat La Crosse as they had already gotten two runs in previous innings. The Blugolds lost 2-1.

    “Little bit of a dissapointment playing UW-La Crosse,” Coach Huntington said, “we didn’t pitch very well, and defense was pretty stagnant. Happy with the resilience of the second game though.”

    The Blugolds continue on with their conference with a record of 4-2 and an overall season record of 16-10. Eau Claire will be playing against Saint Mary’s on May 24 for another double header.