UW-Platteville overtakes UW-Eau Claire Football

    The Blugolds fell short against the Pioneers this weekend

    Macey VanDenMeerendonk

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    March 25, 2020

    Photo by Macey VanDenMeerendonk

    UW-Eau Claire’s football team was defeated by UW-Platteville in last Saturday’s game at Carson Park.

    The UW-Eau Claire football team suffered another tough loss last Saturday against No. ten ranked UW-Platteville, walking off the field at Carson Park with a final score of 34-14.

    Despite the loss, Head Coach Dan Larson said the team practices as if they will win every game. Larson said the process of looking back at game film allows them to prepare for each matchup.

    “I think our players practice all week with the belief that we were going to come out and get a win,” Larson said. “Those are the things we emphasize every week no matter who we play. There is a certain mindset we have and a certain belief that we have as a football program.”

    The Blugolds started the game trailing the Pioneers, but held a strong defense after Platteville scored their first touchdown in the first quarter.

    However, by the end of the first half, the Pioneers developed a significant lead, putting 21 points on the scoreboard and shutting out the Blugolds early on in the game.

    The second half turned things around for the Blugolds, as the offense picked up momentum and scored a touchdown in the third quarter. Eau Claire kept up the fight in the third quarter with an interception made by Brandon Rosado, a first-year safety.

    The Blugolds scored once more in the fourth quarter, updating the score to 21-14.

    In the fourth quarter, however, the Pioneers retaliated with two more touchdowns, settling the finishing score of 34-14.

    Even though the team’s record shows more defeats than wins, Larson said he is optimistic toward the progress of the team and the outlook for the rest of the season.

    “I think we are getting better,” Larson said. “The scoreboard doesn’t always reflect where you are going as a football program. I truly believe we are headed in the right direction, and I think next week will be another opportunity to win a football game, and that’s how we will practice this week.”

    Victor Martinelli, a first-year outside linebacker, said he and the team have the same belief that Larson has instilled in the team’s psyche.

    “We always come in with a positive view on the game, and always thinking we are going to win it,” Martinelli said. “I think that was the feeling we had today, always coming in like we are going to come out of top.”

    Sam Romanski, a junior outside linebacker, said the team is focusing on bettering themselves throughout the season.

    “The big thing for us is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and how we are progressing,” Romanski said. “You can’t look at the record, it doesn’t really determine if we are getting better or worse. We all feel like we are getting better as a team.”

    Larson said he appreciates the crowd and the support of the fans who come out to the games.

    “The people that are sticking with us right now and continuing to believe and showing up for these games they’re going to get rewarded, and there’s not going to be a better week than next week to have a rivalry game with UW-Stout,” Larson said.

    Eau Claire will take on UW-Stout this Saturday with kick-off at 6:10 p.m. at home for Senior Day/Military Appreciation Day.