Frisbee golf gaining popularity in Eau Claire

    As the weather heats up, frisbee golfers are making their way back out to the courses


    Photo by Andrea Montgomery

    Alex Hoovers’ collection of discs

    Eau Claire is a community with a surprising amount of Disc Golfers. On upper campus there is a course and thanks to the natural features of the town such as Mount Simon “frolfers” are able to enjoy a variety of local courses.

    On Water Street there is a disc golf store called Disc Golf 365 filled with merchandise designed by local artists with anything a disc golfer could want and even used discs for beginners. Disc Golf 365 also hosts tournaments and leagues for more serious local disc golfers.

    Luke Anderson, a junior geography student started playing frisbee golf his junior year of high school and said his first Eau Claire experience came at Mount Simon.

    Anderson said he continues to enjoy “frolfing” to this day.

    “It’s a good way to get outside, it’s in nice areas from what I’ve experienced. At Mount Simon there are a lot of natural obstacles so it’s a fun challenge,” Anderson said. “Improving my score gives me a reason to keep playing and it feels good to beat your personal best.”

    Though Eau Claire is a considered a bigger town, the community of disc golfers is bigger than people think, Anderson said.

    Despite being popular to UW-Eau Claire freshman, Anderson said the on campus course isn’t his favorite and golfers should try off-campus locations for a better experience.

    Anderson’s said that after everything, his favorite part of the game is the friendly competition.

    Alex Hoover is a sophomore business administration student and who also started playing the sport as a high school junior. He used to play on the campus course but isn’t a huge fan of the course either.

    “It wouldn’t be bad if it wasn’t spread out,” Hoover said. “My friends like to play at Mount Simon and Tower Ridge, I enjoy being outside with my friends so it’s a good sport for me” Hoover said.

    Connor Frawley is a sophomore biology student who started playing in college because his friends would play often.

    “It’s fun because it’s a lot like real golf” Frawley said. “It’s free and this way when I don’t have the money to play real golf it’s a good substitute.

    Frawley said he enjoys being outdoors with friends.

    Eau Claire offers multiple courses and opportunities for frisbee golfers of all levels to play or get started.