Williams secret fantasy football sauce-Week 12

Brace yourself.

I am about to share with you an alarming fact about myself. Once this fact comes to the surface, my readers are going to question the very existence of Eezus himself, and wonder how El Will was ever deemed qualified to talk about fantasy football.

Are you ready?

Here we go.

As of this past Monday, Nov. 18, I just began watching the hilariously funny sitcom, The League, and wow is it good!

The show is about five friends who are in a fantasy football league together. Let me give you a character run down real quickly.

Peter- This guy might be the second best Peter on television after the one and only Peter Griffin.   Peter is a three-time champion of the league and a single man. His wife divorces him in the pilot episode, which allows many of the episodes to involve Peter searching for girls while he tries to win his fantasy football league.

Kevin- He is the commissioner of the league and Peter’s best friend. His wife basically runs his fantasy team as she knows more about the NFL then he does, but he tries to keep that information a secret from his friends, though they all expect it.

Rodney- He is a ruthless fantasy owner, but never finds the luck to win it all. His wife is super hot and she is seen on the show sometimes, so that right there should be reason enough to watch it.

Andre- Low key, he is one of my favorite characters. He brings great humor to the show based on the fact he tries to act like he knows fantasy football in order to fit in with his friends and to keep them from giving him a hard time. He is a bachelor who tries to be real player the majority of the time. Deep down he is a nerdy middle-aged man, but his front as a hip high roller is classic.

Taco- Taco is kind of like a Monjeau. That is the way I look at it. If you don’t know what a Monjeau is then that is okay. If you ever have the pleasure of meeting me then I will most likely introduce you to a wild Monjeau at some point while he is in his natural habitat.

So yeah watch The League. Its about bros, booze and fantasy football. What else could you ask for? It is great. If you watch The League and thought my description of the characters was awful, then my bad. I am only on Season One. This show can be found on Netflix. Enjoy!

El Will’s initial reactions and


Titans vs. Colts

Initial reaction: ‘How the heck do the Colts keep winning without Reggie Wayne?’ That was the question I asked myself as I left Dooleys last Thursday night. As I type this now, I realize I still cannot truly answer that question. All I can say is this. T.Y. Hilton is the real deal. He has gotten almost ten targets a game since week 7. I expect him to continue producing.

I believe this is the best fantasy game Tennessee will have all year. Two touchdowns for Chris Johnson, and a score plus 90 yards from Delanie Walker means this will never happen again for the Titans.

Satisfaction:  Trent Richardson owners I hate to say I told you so, but I really did. Donald Brown is the back to own on the Colts. Also it was good to see Kendall Wright stay as involved as he is. I like him the rest of the season as a third wide receiver in points per
reception leagues.

Ravens vs. Bears

Initial reaction: Let me take you back to my Sunday afternoon. I went to check Ray Rice’s stats, and my iPhone 5 tells me he had a good amount of yards and a touchdown. Good for little Ray Ray. Finally he has a decent game. I thought his game was over. Little did I know the game had been postponed and Rice was only getting started. Still, I am not buying that he is back. Trade him now if you have him. Unless your trade deadline has already passed, then you’re out of luck.

Satisfaction: As I said last week, Alshon Jeffery needs be an every week, no matter what kind of starter. He is that good. The Ravens passing attack was sad, so I actually was dissatisfied with that. Other then that, there was not a whole lot from this game. Next!

Browns vs. Bengals

Initial reaction: If you started the Bengals defense then congratulations. They scored 26 fantasy points and did a great job ticking me off, as I had to watch one of my roommates gloat every other minute about how well the Bengals were doing. Jason Campbell shouldn’t throw the ball anywhere near Joe Haden. I mean, C’mon man!

Satisfaction:  Self statement here, but I was up against A.J Green in two of my leagues this past week so seeing him catch two passes for seven measly yards was great. Also I think Chris Ogbonnaya (say that name, three times fast without sounding like a brat, ohhhh kill em El)  is a serious fantasy weapon.  I think Cleveland is making a lot of efforts to get him the football. He has talent and if he is available in your league go get him!

Lions vs. Steelers

Initial reaction: I hate the Lions. I think I mostly dislike Jim Schwartz. This hate is at an all time Meek Milly-like level this past Sunday as I watched him bench USC legend Reggie Bush. Most thought the reason for the benching was because of his fumble. Later it was reported that Bush was benched because of the weather conditions. Are you serious? The Lions go as Bush goes. It’s as simple as that.

Satisfaction: I am an Antonio Brown fan and I was happy to see him get off to the hot start that he did. It is weird that the Lions scored all 27 of their points in the second quarter. Yet Stafford and Calvin still had a nice day, and in fantasy that is all that matters.

Falcons vs. Buccaneers

Initial reaction: I think Bobby Rainey is going to be a solid fantasy running back from here on out. The thing is that Rainey can’t be a joke. He has played now three solid halves of football. Plus, he carried the ball 30 times. I am expecting solid production from Rainey the rest of the season.

Satisfaction:  Vincent Jackson decided to show up. He has always been a fantasy pin-the-tail (yeah like pin the tail on the donkey but more doper.) You must start him every week, just good luck guessing what weeks he is going to successfully pin the tail.


QB I BELIEVE in this week: Eli Manning. It has to be Eli’s time to shine again, right? I mean it is November. The Giants don’t like trying until the postseason is near anyway. He is facing a terrible Dallas defense. I like Eli’s chances of having a 300-yard passing day along with multiple passing touchdowns.

RB I BELIEVE in this week: Pierre Thomas. From the sounds coming from the Saints, it does not look like little Darren Sproles is not going to be playing tonight. That means it is time for Thomas to dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge all over the Falcons. He is going to have a big night, both on the ground and in the screen game.

WR I BELIEVE in this week: Anquan Boldin. Here is the deal. I kind of wanted to pick Michael Crabtree here. I think he will play this week and make a big splash on Monday Night Football against the sad secondary that is in Washington. But if he does not then Boldin will have a nice night
as well.

That’s all I wrote! Next week I will not be writing my column due to the Thanksgiving holiday. Have a great break and I will type at you all again in two weeks. Best wishes.