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Packers surpass Bears for NFL-winningest franchise

Claire Schoenemann

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Photo by Marisa Valdez

Historically, and as a commonly accepted fact among most Wisconsinites, the annual and ongoing feud between the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears can be easily settled with one simple fact: the Packers are superior.

On Sunday, Dec. 3, the two teams faced up against each other in Chicago, a tough game to feel confident about given the Packers’ 4-8 record heading into the game. 

I vividly remember the first time I witnessed the Bears vs. Packers rivalry, live-in-action. At the time I was in the fourth grade. 

The Friday before the game, a passionate ten-year-old classmate of mine had expressed his certainty that the Bears would pull off a win against my classmate and I’s precious Packers. 

Come Monday morning, not a word was spoken by my classmate. In 2012, Green Bay held off the Bears 21-13 and secured the NFC North title.

Thanks to a promising fourth-quarter rally for the Packers, Green Bay was able to pull off a similar win with their shocking 18-point comeback in the final quarter of the game. 

The final score of the Green Bay vs. Chicago game was 28-19. Going into the fourth quarter, the Packers were down 10-19. 

This wasn’t just any accomplishing win, though. This Green Bay win set the team up to surpass the formerly Chicago-held record for all-time ‘winningest franchise’ of the NFL. 

Up until now, the Bears’ franchise has held the record for most all-time regular-season wins at the end of each of the last 102 NFL seasons. 

After Sunday’s game, the Packers broke the long-standing tie among the two teams for regular-season wins and surpassed the Chicago Bears with their 787th win. 

In order to achieve this, the Green Bay fourth-quarter rally is something that the Packers have been lacking this season, which made their performance even more exciting. 

During the Oct. 9 game, Green Bay basically fell apart against the New York Giants in London. 

Last Sunday, though, the Packers pulled through to accomplish their eighth-straight win over rival team, the Chicago Bears. 

In the opening minute of the fourth quarter, running back AJ Dillon ran the ball for a 21-yard touchdown. After Mason Crosby kicked a notable 32-yard field goal to top this off, the Packers were back in the game 20-19. 

At this point, Packer fans were breathing easily again. There wasn’t much of a chance for a Chicago comeback after Chicago place kicker Cairo Santos was blocked on his 40-yard field goal attempt. 

A handful of plays later, Packer wide-receiver Christain Watson made a run for the endzone, completely unscathed. 

Green Bay decided to take the extra point for what it’s worth and went for two with 1:51 remaining in the game. 

With time to spare, the Packers had taken control of the game and sealed the deal for Chicago. The final score of 28-19 did not change after this.

Packer quarterback Aaron Rodgers was a big part of this win. Rodgers completed 18 of 31 total passes for a touchdown and 182 yards. 

Wisconsinites should hope that the Packers don’t forget how to rally in the fourth quarter in between now and when they host the Los Angeles Rams on Monday, Dec. 19. 

The Rams are 3-9 going into the Packer bye week. 

The game will take place on Monday, Dec. 19 at 7:15 p.m. and can be streamed via ESPN and ABC network. 

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