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Wisconsin football rollercoaster continues

Claire Schoenemann

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Photo by Marisa Valdez

My Sunday morning began with an optimistic glimmer of a potential Packer win on Sunday, Nov. 6 when my parents and my younger sister pulled into the driveway of my college house at 10 a.m. 

Their UW-Eau Claire visit was planned for reasons other than the Packer game, but of course, that had to play a part in the festivities. 

After moving in some new-addition furniture, groceries and a bit of catching up, the pressing question came up sooner than anticipated. 

It was the morning of daylight savings time, and we were all ready to feast and get on our Packer pride. 

There is only one place that seemed fitting for me to take my family to given those conditions: Milwaukee Burger Co.

Upon our arrival to the burger staple of Eau Claire, it became apparent that many other families had the same idea. 

The restaurant was filled to the brim with families, friends and football fans sporting almost only Packer and Vikings jerseys and attire. 

The environment we were welcomed into was a true demonstration of Wisconsinite optimism. 

Even with this Packer pride, though, our beloved Packers ended their Sunday night coming off of their fifth-straight loss of the season. 

The Packers faced the Detroit Lions on Sunday, Nov. 6 at 12 p.m. in Detroit, Michigan. 

To say it kindly, Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers didn’t have his best game. 

Rodgers threw a total of three interceptions during the Detroit game.

All three interceptions were thrown in what is known as ‘scoring territory,’ two of which were thrown into the endzone. 

Even with a total of three interceptions, there was still a comeback chance for the Packers as the game dwindled down to the fourth quarter. 

Nearing the end of the fourth quarter, the Packers were at first-in-ten at the 17-yard line, and down by six points. Had they scored, the fourth quarter would have ended differently. 

Instead, four passes thrown by Rodgers were met with little to no offensive performance. 

The four-straight plays ended the game on fourth down, with another loss for the Packers. 

Though there was little ‘good’ to admire during the Sunday game, I am a firm believer in ending things on a positive note. 

Rodgers led the team in rushing on Sunday, and had three out of his five longest runs this season during the game against the Lions. 

On the Wisconsin ‘victory’ side of things, the Wisconsin Badgers had a win against Maryland on Saturday, Nov. 5. This win scored the Badgers back-to-back wins for the first time this season. 

Camp Randall was practically bursting with victory on Saturday afternoon.  

After a bye week, Wisconsin won over Maryland in total yardage and won the turnover battle. 

Badgers ran for a total of 278 rushing yards, and 77 passing yards. 

This Maryland victory may seem like a breeze, but next week both Wisconsin teams will face tough competition. 

The Wisconsin Badgers will compete at Kinnick Stadium, facing the Iowa Hawkeyes. Hawkeyes and Badgers are tied in both season and Big Ten records for the season, at 5-4 and 3-3, respectively. 

The Green Bay Packers are coming up against the Dallas Cowboys. Given their current season record of 3-6 compared to the Cowboys’ 6-2, I just hope some Packer pride keeps Wisconsinites from being too butt-hurt about the looming game. 

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