Women’s Golf makes it to the WIAC Championship

UW-Eau Claire hosts the WIAC Championships in Reedsburg

Bridget Maxwell

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Meade finishes first again on the final day of competition.

The UW-Eau Claire women’s golf team hosted this year’s WIAC Championship from Oct. 7 through Oct. 9, at Reedsburg Country Club, Reedsburg, Wisconsin. 

On the first day of the weekend, the team placed no. 5 with a score of 349 (+61).  

Lexi Meade led with a score of 79 (+7) according to Blugold athletics, tied in fourth place. Jilli Newman tied at no. 13  with a score of 84 (+12). 

Coach Andy Meade said, “There were very good teams playing and our goal was to finish in the next tier, and we did.”

Jilli Newman, second-year psychology student said, “We set a goal on Thursday to get 32 putts or less and we all met or beat that goal.”

Continuing on to the first day, tied at no. 44 are Olivia McSorley and Cadie Ash with a score of 93 (+21). Following right behind is Keely Morehouse placing 64th with a score of 99 (+27). 

On the second day of the WIAC Championships, women’s golf came in fourth overall, with a score of 345. 

“It was cool to come back to a course I played in high school and be able to beat my old scores,” Newman said. 

Meade finishes first with a score of 78 (+6) with a combined score from both days of 157 (+13). 

“I did a really good job of not letting any rounds get away from me, but I can always improve on lowering my scores,” Meade said.

Newman finished no. 10 with a score of 85 (+13) totaling 169 (+25).

Next, McSorley finished no. 44 with a score of 90 (+18) totaling 183 (+39). Ash is not far behind in no. 49 with a score of 92 (+20) giving Ash a total of 185 (+41).

Morehouse placed no. 58 overall with a score of 94 (+22) and 193 (+49). 

Closing the weekend with a score of 329, women’s golf placed fourth on the final day. Leaving them with an overall score of 1023 (+159) over 54 holes. 

Coach Meade said, “I thought the whole team stuck together really well and have great chemistry with one another, they played great this weekend.”

Meade finishes first again on the final day with a score of 76 leaving her with a total of 233. She took home the WIAC Individual Championship after three days of play. 

Newman placed no. 10 with a score of 77 leaving her with 246 (+30).

Placing no. 43 is Ash with a score of 87, giving her a total for the weekend of 272 (+56).

Tying with Ash is McSorley in no. 43 place scoring 89, totaling 272 (+56).

Finally, Morehouse placed no. 63 overall with a score of 91 leaving her with a total of 284 (+68). 

“The last day of the championship was tough knowing that I had to lead, so It was a big mental challenge to stay present, so I’m proud I was able to overcome that,” said Meade. 

Women’s golf will return in the spring. As of now, their next competition will take place in early March 2023.

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