UW-Eau Claire track and field team takes second place overall

Despite the cold, the track and field team feels accomplished about their standing

Kyra Price

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May 9, 2024

Photo by Dan Schwamberger

Eau Claire track and field team struggles to stay warm at Platteville Invitational

Both the men’s and women’s UW-Eau Claire track and field teams received second place overall in the Platteville Invitational, which took place last weekend according to Blugold Athletics.

Catie Fobbe, a fourth-year political science and criminal justice major, placed second in shot put, and took third place in the hammer throw. 

Fobbe said she started track when she was in the seventh grade, and got her first chance to try throwing at an elementary school track and field day. Then when she joined high school track, she naturally gravitated toward throwing events and never looked back.

She said she decided to continue in college because she loves throwing and the sport of track and field so much that when she had the opportunity to compete for another four years, she could not pass up the opportunity.

Fobbe said she felt the meet went well overall. She said she personally felt good about throwing an outdoor personal record. Though, she said she wanted to work on trusting herself more.

“I could improve on trusting myself more, and by trusting myself more I can push the limits of my throwing,” Fobbe said.

Head Coach Chip Schneider said at this point in the track and field season, the team is more geared toward improving on their individual events than on the overall team placement. He said team scores are something they do not focus on until conference and nationals.

We practice each day with the main goal of preparing for meets each week that gear toward the bigger meets in May,” Schneider said.

Second-year math education major Josiah Ziebell said he started track in the sixth grade as a way to pass the time. He decided to continue into college because of his love for competing, and the encouragement of his coaches and recruiters.

Ziebell placed third in the 400-meter hurdles and second in the 4×400 meter relay.

He said he chose to compete in hurdling because he finds it more interesting than just running.

Ziebell said, “Rather than just running all the time, there are hurdles which spice up the race.”

He said he was able to finish his 400 hurdles without falling or hitting a hurdle, but he could have improved in his form and step pattern during the race.

Fobbe said the meet was very cold and the throwers had to remain outside the majority of the day. She said she is extremely impressed by how they handled the weather and stayed warm. Ziebell said the cold and wind made the meet much less enjoyable.

Fobbe said she did her best to stay as warm as possible in between her throws.

Schneider also thought the weather was the lowest point of the meet, and said competing in poor conditions is getting old. He thought a highlight of the meet was how well the team adjusted to those conditions and competed.

“While times and distances were not easy to obtain, we competed well,” Schenider said.

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