Book Club

Did Darcy find success in London?

Sadly, this is the last book club of the semester as well as the last issue of The Spectator until 2021. This week, I will be giving my final update of “Something Blue” by Emily Giffin through an audio piece. 

Darcy continued living with Ethan in London and they have gotten along pretty well. So well, Ethan offered to let her stay for as long as she needed and to help out with her baby. 

Well — babies, plural — that is.

Darcy went to a doctor for a routine ultrasound and found out she was having twin boys. She wasn’t too excited at first as she was expecting one baby girl. 

After Ethan offered his help she was pretty excited. Speaking of Ethan, they end up getting together and there may have been wedding bells. 

I don’t want to give too much away, but Rachel may also make an appearance — and a good one. 

Overall, this was an easy read and the story was pretty simple which was a nice change compared to my hectic life. 

There is another book by Giffin titled “Something Borrowed” which is this story from Rachel’s point of view which would be interesting to read. 

But that is all I have for this week, I’ll be back in February with more book recommendations. 

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