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Winter fashion: the layering lookbook

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Brrr, it’s cold. This time of year makes me feel like a potato and not want to get out of bed. Even though the white, sparkling snow that covers the ground looks beautiful, the below-freezing weather is discouraging when it’s time for class.

What is more important than a cozy winter coat? Layers.

Going to Point A from Point B, shuffling out of a warm classroom into the cold and into another classroom with a big bulky jacket is not very practical. I wear at least three layers — the base, insulating and outer layer — every day to stay comfortable and warm. It is also easy to adjust for different situations by removing and putting on extra layers.

Don’t be afraid to have jackets over cardigans, it can look stylish and still feel snug. For bottom layers, fleece leggings are an amazing invention, having tights underneath jeans are also helpful when it’s extra chilly.

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