Police Blotter

Female attempts to damage police department property, a man in a mask has many encounters with Eau Claire students

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Don’t mess with the police

University police was notified that a student kicked one of the parked patrol vehicles outside the Police Department around 1:25 a.m. on Oct. 10. Student patrol was able to give a description and direction of travel for the female subject.

The woman was located by an officer and was informed of the encounter. She admitted to kicking one of the vehicles, but when asked why she did it could not give the officer an answer. According to the police report, a moderate odor of intoxicating beverages coming from the female was detected.

The subject admitted to consuming two shots of vodka and submitted to a preliminary breath test with a 0.12 result.

The woman was escorted to the patrol car. According to the police report, the subject demonstrated poor judgement, as well as disrespect toward law enforcement. She failed to take into account that fellow students and taxpayers paid for the vehicle she attempted to damage.

This is not the first time patrol vehicles have been damaged and vandalized.

Man in the mask

A masked man was spotted on campus and was thought to be partaking in suspicious activity. He was seen talking with a female who was walking down the hill around 8:48 p.m. on Oct. 6. The woman described the mask as being green with spikes coming from it.

The man was seen handing out flyers, talking loudly and asking if people were going to homecoming. He referred to himself as the “university smokey.”

The woman said she avoided him and continued to walk down the road. She said she did not feel unsafe, but that this behavior was unusual to see on campus.

Around 10:19 p.m., University Police was again contacted for a spotting of a man wearing a mask that resembled a large marijuana leaf.

The woman who spotted him said he didn’t appear threatening in his speech, but he had little respect for personal boundaries. She stated that she didn’t feel safe when she was approached earlier that day because she was alone, but felt safer when he approached her the second time because of the number of people around.

Around 10:30 p.m., the police were dispatched for a third time for the man in a mask being spotted near the west entrance to the Hilltop Center.

The woman stated that, as they were exiting the cafeteria, the man began to talk to her group of friends. She stated she could not hear what he was saying, but stated that her friends mentioned he was talking about stickers.

No one in the group took anything from the man. As they started to walk westbound towards Sutherland Hall, the man started to follow them according to the police report.

He then began to jog after them and continued to follow the group of females all the way until they reached Sutherland Hall. The woman stated that they went up to her friend’s room and observed the male subject was still standing outside of the hall entrance after they went inside.

According to the police report, the man did not say anything threatening to the woman and her friends. She stated that she never personally talked to the man but said that she got “weird, uncomfortable vibes” from him.

The woman stated that she felt nervous to leave her friend’s dorm and walk back to her dorm by herself due to the encounter. She asked one of her friends to “Facetime” her as she was walking back but even while on Facetime, she said she felt hesitant to leave Sutherland.

She confronted the front desk of the hall and told the worker what had happened. That was when she decided to report the incident to the police because she said she did not feel safe to walk on campus.

According to the report, once police arrived they safely assisted the woman back to her Towers Hall North dorm due to how scared she was when they arrived.