Police Blotter

A burning odor is detected in a resident hall, a suspended driver is pulled over early in the morning

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First time crisis

A 19-year-old male was experiencing severe abdominal pain in Haas Fine Arts Center on Sept. 19. An officer met a friend of the victim outside near the service entrance. The officer was advised that the man was suffering for a while now and that he was located in the men’s bathroom near the band lockers.

He was found sitting on the toilet in the bathroom. The subjects symptoms were severe abdominal pain, shortness of breath and excessive sweating. The man stated that he felt as if he was going to vomit but hadn’t yet and was holding it back according to the police report.

When asked by the officer if he wanted to be taken to the hospital, the man replied that he did because something like this had never happened to him before.  He wanted to be medically evaluated to see what was wrong.

Medics arrived on the scene and began assessing the man. He was then assisted onto a cot and loaded into an ambulance. The man was transported to Mayo Health Systems.

Smells like something’s burning

University police were contacted about a burning odor that was coming from the 7th floor of Towers North Hall. The complainant was asked to meet the officers in the lobby of Towers.

Contact was made with the complainant, a Resident Assistant in the building. The man stated he was confronted by one of his residents who noticed the burning odor smell. According to the police report, the Resident Assistant admitted that he did not know what the odor was and wasn’t sure if the smell was that of burning marijuana.

The police went up to the 7th floor to try to determine the odor. They arrived on the suspected floor but did not detect any unusual odors in the hallway.  It was when they entered the south stairwell that they noticed a slight burning odor.

They eventually found where the odor was coming from. Inside the room of the smell, electrical components were housed and seemed to be the cause of the burning odor.


Suspended driver under suspicion

On Sept. 19 around 12:52 am, a police officer observed a car traveling northbound on the 200 block of First avenue with their headlights not activated. He turned around and activated his emergency overhead lights and initiated a traffic stop at the intersection of First avenue and Hudson Street.

As he approached the vehicle, he noticed it held four occupants. The officer introduced himself and explained the reason for the stop. The driver stated she didn’t realize her lights were not activated.

A records check was done on the driver through the Communication Center. He was advised the driver was suspended and had one prior operating while suspended violation on her record.

He re-approached the vehicle and notified the driver of the violations he had found. He told her she wouldn’t be able to drive the vehicle and asked the other three passengers if any of them had not been drinking and were able to drive the vehicle. All three of them stated they had been drinking and were not fit to drive according to the police report.

According to the report, the officer prepared a citation for Operating After Suspension. He also prepared a warning for Operation without Required Lamps Lighted.

The officer asked the driver for consent to move her vehicle off of First Avenue and park it on the 100 block of Hudson Street. She agreed and all of the passengers were told to exit the vehicle and stand off to the side.

The vehicle was then parked and locked by the officer. He returned the keys to the driver and advised they were free to leave.