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Police investigate intoxicated biker after a crash, underage overdose in Towers Hall

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Crash and Burn
An injured biker was found on the ground at the bottom of Garfield Avenue hill around 11:40 p.m. after running into the road barricades on his bike.

He was sitting in the roadway when he was found, bleeding from scrapes and cuts on his legs, arms, hands, face and nose. Prior to police arrival, a bystander asked him if he knew what year it was. When he replied saying, “2008” she called the police claiming he seemed “out of it.”

When police asked him, the man didn’t know if he had hit his head or not.  Medic 5 arrived on the scene and placed a neck brace on him and began assessing his injuries.

The police on the scene could smell an odor of intoxicant coming from the man’s breath as he spoke, according to the police report.  He told the police he had been drinking and agreed to submit to a Preliminary Breath Test and blew a .11.

Based on the observations of his behavior, the cop believed his incorrect answers to simple questions appeared to be from his possible head injury and not from his intoxication level.

Medic 5 transported the man to Mayo Hospital.

Passed Out
A student was found around 1 a.m. in a Towers Hall bathroom passed out due to an overdose related to alcohol and Adderall. Medic 5 and Engine 5 of the Eau Claire Fire Department were dispatched to respond to the overdose, according to the police report.

The man was lying on the floor in a bathroom stall when police arrived at the scene. There was vomit in the toilet bowl and he was unconscious.

The officer asked the man to wake up and he slowly opened his eyes and held his head up. When asked if he was okay, he replied that he was. He was reported seeming heavily intoxicated.

When asked how much he had to drink, he replied with, “one mix drink.” When asked what kind of alcohol was in the drink, he continued to repeat, “one mix drink.” He was then asked if he had taken anything else and he told the cop that he had taken one Adderall pill.

After many attempts, he was able to identify himself and where he lived.

Medic 5 arrived on the scene and had to help the man stand up. They placed him on a cot and started assessing him. It appeared that it was an accidental overdose on alcohol and possibly Adderall, according to the report. Medic 5 took the man to the ambulance, where he was then transferred to Sacred Heart Hospital.

The man agreed to submit to a PBT and a .18 test result was obtained. He received a first-offense underage drinking citation.