“It’s Always Sunny” in Eau Claire


Story by Karl Enghofer, Freelancer

Members of the cast of FX’s “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and ABC’s “Happy Endings” stopped by the Randall Park neighborhood Sunday to support President Obama and encourage young Eau Claire voters to take to the polls.

Danny DeVito, Glenn Howerton, Rob McElhenney from “Sunny” and Adam Pally from “Happy Endings” made the stop as part of a canvassing trip to many Wisconsin cities including Green Bay and La Crosse for Get Out The Vote.

“GOTV is about going out and talking to voters about the importance of getting out to the polls,” Eau Claire County Democratic Party spokesperson Beverly Wickstrom said. ”It’s not about persuasion, it’s about getting bodies out there.”

Around 100 Obama supporters gathered to Maureen Slauson’s home on 322 W. Grand Ave. to sign up to canvass for the Obama/Biden campaign. Canvassers for GOTV walk door-to-door with literature for the Democratic Party and remind people to vote, and also inform the public when and where to vote.

GOTV canvassers went out on Nov. 3 and canvassed every day until Election Day. Maureen Slauson said the Democratic Party is all about being personable. This makes person-to-person engagement very successful.

“In Wisconsin, we are a swing state, it is critical that we get out all four days,” Slauson said. “Our canvassers are checking to see that our supporters are ready to vote and know where to vote.”

DeVito, McElhenney, Howerton and Pally also stressed the importance of getting out and voting.

“We can all recognize how important Wisconsin is in this election and we just want to say thank you,” McElhenney said. He said he knows it’s the people who are ones on the ground knocking on doors and appreciates them spreading the word.

“I think people feel like, ‘My vote doesn’t matter that much, I’m just one guy or one gal,’ but in an election like this it could come down to 500 people,” Howerton said.

Slauson hosted this event not to get stars like Danny DeVito in her living room, but to spread the word about voting and to hopefully see Obama win the upcoming election.

“I’m really pleased with the people who have come to canvass. We have University students who’ve been wonderful and active, “ Slauson said.

Many of the canvassers attending the gathering have never canvassed before, but were eager to help out.

“I feel like we should get out there and do something,” first-time-canvasser Brandon Hoffman said.

Hoffman also added that DeVito, et al. are a cool add-in, but the canvassers were mostly there to support a candidate that they believe in.

Wisconsin is a crucial swing state for this election and DeVito said that’s the reason they were there.

“I know how important Wisconsin is (in this election) and on Tuesday we are going to kick some butt!” DeVito said.