Police Blotter: 9/13/12


Story by Spectator Staff

Biker’s limbo
Thursday, Sept. 6

Around 11 a.m., an officer traveling north on the Garfield Avenue hill witnessed many people gathered around a broken gate at the bottom of the hill. The officer approached the group and was told that a student hit the gate while riding his bike.

The student said that while riding his bike down the hill, his brakes were not able to stop him. He added that he attempted to duck the gate, but instead hit it and was knocked off of his bicycle.

Noticing scrapes on the rider’s arms and face, the officer called an ambulance. The student was taken to Sacred Heart Hospital and the officer secured the bike onto a Putnam Hall bike rack. The officer also double-checked the brakes on the bicycle and they seemed to be functioning fine. Many witnesses said they saw the rider going down the hill at a high speed prior to impact.

Pitbull mix-up
Thursday, Sept. 6

Around 6:30 p.m., an officer observed a white and black mixed-breed pitbull running on the Water Street bridge. He was able to catch the dog and found that it was friendly. Noticing the dog had a collar, the officer went to the address listed.

Upon arrival, he saw that the door was open, but no one appeared to be home. The officer called the dog’s owner, who said she had no idea how the dog could have gotten out of the house. He could see that the screen door was not latched properly and the front door was open. He decided the door could have easily been pushed open.

After placing the dog back inside of the house, he ensured that the main door was shut tightly.

Nothing in life is free
Saturday, Sept. 8

Around 10 p.m., an officer responded to a complaint placed by the R.A. on duty at Chancellors Hall. On arrival, the officer discovered two homeless people blocking residents from the card-swiping device at the front of the building. The subjects were using electricity from Chancellors to charge their wheelchairs.

The officer said one female subject refused to move. He approached the two people and took their licenses. The male told the officer they were charging their chairs because they’re homeless and living on the streets.

The officer told the man that using the university’s electricity for that reason could be seen as theft of services. The subject said he was never told he was not allowed to do so. The officer asked them to leave campus and told them they were not allowed to charge their wheelchairs any longer.

The officer instructed the RA to report the incident if it happened again.