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Wonder Women
December 15, 2021

Since I was a little girl, I have always been obsessed with the Disney classic “Beauty and The Beast.” It is the perfect example of the phrase, “Opposites attract.”

I love both the classic version and the 2020 live action remake of the movie. While I love the two films, the remake stole my heart overall mainly because of who they cast as Belle.

I was ecstatic when I heard Emma Watson was cast as Belle. She absolutely nailed the role. There is no one else who could have played the role. It was made for her.

Emma Watson is a tremendous actress and activist for women’s rights. She is a strong leader and is someone who will always have my love and respect.  

You have Belle (Watson), who lives in a small town with her father Maurice (Kevin Kline).

Belle is a bookworm and her father is an inventor. They are seen as outsiders because they aren’t like the rest of the people in town. They enjoy different things.

As a child and now as an adult I have always admired the strong woman Belle is portrayed as. She doesn’t settle for anything. Not even the handsome Gaston (Luke Evans).

Belle gave up her freedom to be taken as hostage in replace of her father. This is true father-daughter love, a bond which can never be broken. 

Beast (Dan Stevens) wasn’t the best host, but Belle took it upon herself to befriend him and mend what was broken.

Yet another thing I love about this film: Belle could have easily hated Beast’s guts. Instead, she decided to be the bigger person and overcome any hate she had toward him.

As time went on Belle and Beast formed a bond like no other. As Mrs. Pots (Emma Thompson) once said, “There may be something there that wasn’t there before.”

Indeed, there was something there. Belle understood the pain the Beast felt. In a way she felt the same pain. 

Like the Beast, she wasn’t liked by everyone either. She wasn’t liked because she liked books instead of Gaston. Beast wasn’t liked because he was terribly rude to almost everyone he encountered in life.

They both shared a love for books. You could say books, the art of written speech, is their love language.

One night he gives Belle the chance to see her father through the magical mirror.

See, the Beast does have a little good in his heart.

She sees her father is in trouble. Beast releases her, letting her go because he loves her. He knows she would hate him if she couldn’t go help her father.

I don’t know whether to say it is heart-warming he let her go or sad. They love each other, the only problem is they don’t know how the other one feels.

While Belle eventually returns back to the castle, she isn’t alone. The whole town comes along to try and kill the Beast. The only one who makes it to the Beast is Gaston.

The others are getting royally beaten by the household objects. Which, if I were them, I’d be embarrassed. I mean, they are getting torn apart by lamps and pianos. 

Beast and Gaston brawl it out while Belle comes to Beast’s rescue. 

The two get married and share a wonderful life together. Happily, ever after.

It isn’t like the other Disney movies where the girl leaves home to be with the handsome prince.

Belle left home to save her father from dying alone in a dungeon, never expecting to fall in love with a Beast.  

She is beautiful, strong, intelligent and so much more.

“Beauty and The Beast” brings together both romance and childhood fantasy. It’s perfect for all ages. I’m a third-year student in college and I still love watching this Disney classic. 

Head on over to Disney+ to binge both the classic and the remake.

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