Bachelor Breakdown: the finale

Who will Peter choose?

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This week’s two-night finale began with Hannah Ann meeting Peter’s family. Hannah started crying right off the bat and got very deep with his parents. They seemed to appreciate it, though, because they said they really liked her. 

Then it was Madison’s turn to meet the family. Before they did that, Peter and Madison needed to talk about the fantasy suite week debacle. She told Peter she thought he was putting his needs and wants above hers. I guess I see her perspective. 

Then Peter said he is not sure where her head is at and what she’s feeling. At this point, I was thinking “didn’t she say she loved him?” Then I remembered she only said that to the camera. So Peter also has a valid argument.

Madison tells Peter that during their date, when they were at the top of the skyscraper, she would have said yes to a proposal right there. But after they had the conversation later evening, she’s “been hanging on by a thread.” 

I do not understand how you could go from one thought to the other so fast. If you are ready to get engaged to someone, it should be on more solid ground. It should not be able to be broken by one thing. 

The two then got very quiet and were whispering to each other about fighting for the relationship. Madison told Peter she loves him and everything seemed to be resolved just like that. 

They walked into the room with his family where Peter’s mom — Barb ­— was wearing the outfit we saw in all of the previews. The outfit that she is sobbing in. But we will get back to that later. 

Peter’s family really grilled Madison about how their lifestyles are completely different. It wasn’t until this point that I realized the truth of this statement. Madison is a Christian woman and Peter is an LA party boy. Those lifestyles do not seem to match up. 

After Madison left, we finally see the scene of Barb crying and saying “Don’t let her go. Bring her home to us.” 

Who was she talking about? Hannah Ann. Barb said Madison is not there for him and Hannah Ann is an “angel on Earth.” Thankfully, Peter stood up for himself and told his mom to stop. It did seem a little overbearing.  

The next thing we saw was Madison’s final date. They flew over the outback in a helicopter — another flying date *eye roll*. When they returned to the ground, Madison told Peter that it was time to surrender. 

She said she was trying to be realistic and that they just does not seem to be compatible in the real world. So Madison broke up with Peter and left. 

Peter went on his final date with Hannah Ann. They spent the day hanging out with baby kangaroos, who were really the stars of the show, if you ask me. In the evening, Peter told Hannah he’s being pulled in two different directions (even though Madison is gone now). Hannah said that’s not what she wanted to hear and she said she keeps giving in the relationship without getting anything in return. She also said she does not think he’s as invested in it as she is. 

That is where episode one ended. Peter’s not having the best week.

Episode two began with the proposal and Peter seems very excited to propose to Hannah Ann after just being conflicted the night before (red flag). While he’s waiting for her with a ring and the final rose, Chris Harrison came in and said she might not be coming. This didn’t last long though, because Chris backtracked and basically said nevermind, she’s coming. 

So Peter proposed, Hannah Ann said yes and it seemed like happily ever after. For the next ten seconds. 

We then saw Peter and Hannah Ann meet up at a random house after a month without seeing each other. I could tell right away that something was off. I was right. Peter ended up breaking up with Hannah. 

Hannah Ann really stood up for herself in this moment. She told him his actions don’t match the words he’s saying and that he needs to become a real man. I think Hannah Ann came out looking pretty good after this. 

Chris Harrison traveled to Alabama and told Madison that Peter is single and still loves her. 

She said she regretted leaving and went to LA and to talk to Peter. Then it cut to the live show and Madison came out and joined Peter on the couch. They said they are going to take their relationship one day at a time. 

This is where things got crazy. Chris Harrison asked Peter’s mom how she felt about the situation. Barb then proceeded to start roasting Madison and Peter’s relationship. She said everyone Peter knows thinks it won’t work. In terms of relationships, she said, Peter will have to “fail to succeed.”

At this point, I felt very disrespected for Madison. She did a nice job of standing up for herself and saying it’s not just Peter’s relationship, but hers too. She came out looking very classy, as opposed to Barb. That’s going to be a very awkward family dynamic, especially because Peter still lives with his parents. 

All in all, I hope for the best for Peter and Madison, but I don’t know if they’ll end up together in the end. The combination of their different lifestyles and an unsupportive family doesn’t leave much hope for a healthy relationship. Chris Harrison was right, though. I did not expect that ending.  

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