Bachelor Breakdown: Episode 10

Women tell all

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We began this episode at the final rose ceremony. Madison showed up late to the ceremony. The producers wanted the audience to wonder where she was, but I was pretty sure she would show up. 

While handing out the roses, one of the roses fell apart as Peter picked it up. I think that foreshadows the rest of this season: falling apart. 

During the rose ceremony, Victoria finally went home! I think the whole audience breathed a sigh of relief that Peter might actually make a good decision to end the season. 

After the rose ceremony, we go back to Chris Harrison and the studio audience for the “Women Tell All” event. 

Many of the women from the season were present, but I recognized about half. This is when the real drama started. 

They discussed Alayah’s drama and Victoria P. and it ended in everyone calling each other fake and the entire group basically yelling at each other. I could not understand one word that was said. 

Chris Harrison brought Kelsey up to the hot seat, where she had a redemption moment. She admitted to and apologized for overreacting and took the higher road while other people were trying to put her down (mostly Tammy). She ended up with a giant bottle of champagne at the end of the night, so good for her. 

Then Chris brought up the Tammy and Mykenna drama. This was when Tammy really broke. All the women called out Tammy for her unnecessary and offensive actions. 

Tammy attempted to defend herself by saying every single offensive and insulting comment she could think of. 

On top of this, she was constantly rolling her eyes whenever anyone else was talking. I thought Tammy was really funny at the beginning of the season, but now she is just immature and rude. 

Then Victoria F. sat in the hot seat. She seemed 100 times more collected and mature than I have seen her this whole season. 

When asked about the allegations Peter’s ex-girlfriend — Merissa — had brought up, she denied everything. 

I am still not sure if I believe her because I have heard that these allegations came straight from the wives of the men that cheated with Victoria. According to Victoria, Merissa was just out to get her and wanted to be on TV. 

Near the end of the episode, there was another “Bachelor” first. Former bachelorette Rachel Lindsay came out on stage and talked about online hate and bullying. She read some very powerful quotes from the DMs of the women in the season. It was very moving and sad. I can’t imagine reading hateful comments about me every day. 

Before I leave you for this week, I have one final thing to discuss: the new bachelorette! It was announced this week that the new bachelorette will be Clare Crawley. 

She was originally a contestant on Juan Pablo’s season of “The Bachelor,” where she made it to the final two before being sent home. She proceeded to appear in two different seasons of “Bachelor in Paradise,” where she left empty handed. Then she was on “Bachelor Winter Games.” She ended up with a fiancé, but they broke up a month later. 

I was never quite sure how I felt about Clare in “Bachelor” shows before, but I do think this season will be very refreshing. To have a bachelorette who’s not a 23-year-old Instagram model will be a nice change. 

Clare is a 38-year-old hairstylist, so I think the season has a lot of promise for a true love connection. But I guess we will find out. 

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