Bachelor Breakdown: Episode 9

Fantasy suites or reality check?

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We started off this episode where we were last week. Madison pulled Peter out of the rose ceremony to talk to him. She was very vague about what she wanted from Peter. She basically said it would be hard for her if he slept with any other women. But she also says she doesn’t want to give him an ultimatum but that she believes “actions speak louder than words.” So to me, it felt like she gave him an ultimatum without really giving him an ultimatum. I guess we’ll see later how that turned out. 

The three remaining contestants traveled to Gold Coast, Australia. We got another first in Bachelor history. All three women would be staying in the same hotel room during fantasy suite week. This is bound to bring out all the drama between the women as they watch each other come home from fantasy suites. Right from the beginning, we got a lot of awkward silence until Peter walked in and greeted everyone with a terrible Australian accent. Then he took Hannah Ann for their date. 

Hannah Ann and Peter went jet skiing and then hung out and talked on the beach. That was when Peter started dropping bombs: “This is true love” and “I never want to come down from this.” 

It seemed like he made his decision up right there. Hannah is the most stable, obvious choice for Peter which is the only reason I don’t think he’ll choose her. Peter is very attracted to relationships with trials and challenges. Hannah is too stable for that.

After dinner, the couple went into their fantasy suite. Before the cameras left, we saw the romantic Titanic hand-on-glass moment we had been waiting for from the previews. I was surprised there wasn’t a morning portion though. Usually, they show the couple in the morning. What does that mean?

When Hannah Ann came back to the hotel room with the girls, it immediately got so awkward when they asked how it went. Do they really want to know?

Next was Victoria’s date. They take a helicopter ride over the Gold Coast and end up above a waterfall. Peter then said something that confounded me: “As many times as (Victoria) has wanted to walk away, she hasn’t.”

Yes, she has Peter! Every time you have a difficult conversation she gets up and walks away from you because she can’t handle it! I don’t understand! 

He also talked about how everything in their relationship is so great except for the communication. Is that not one of the most important parts of a relationship, Peter? Come on!

Then it was Victoria who said something baffling. Peter said he thought the date today was going really well and Victoria replied, “It’s going really well. We haven’t even fought — yet.” Can someone please tell them that this is not healthy this early in a relationship?

Back at the hotel, Madison told Hannah Ann about her conversation with Peter after the rose ceremony. Hannah Ann said in her confessional what we were all thinking: “We knew what we signed up for.” 

At the dinner, Victoria opened up about the reason she’s so defensive — kind of. She said something about a past relationship and then a lot of “I don’t know”-s. Apparently Peter understood what she was trying to say because she started to cry and he started to comfort her. Then we got another great quote from Peter: “I don’t necessarily want something to be so easy all the time and so monotone and not challenging.”

Yes, Peter, we know this about you. I don’t think he realizes, though, that an easy relationship and a monotone relationship are not the same thing. You don’t have to fight all the time to have a good relationship. 

After Victoria’s fantasy suite date, she came back to the hotel room and called her date “productive.” Okay Victoria, I guess that’s one way to put it. *wink*wink*  

For Madison’s date this week they are climbing the tallest building in the city. I thought this meant scaling the building somehow, but no, they’re just climbing some stairs. When they got to the top, Madison said she realized she was in love with Peter. This would have been a big moment, except she didn’t actually say it to him, she just said it in a confessional to the producers. 

At the dinner portion, Madison finally told Peter that she’s waiting for marriage and she has expectations for a partner. She told Peter she wouldn’t be able to move forward with an engagement if he had sex with another woman. Has Madison ever seen this show before? This is how the show works every season. Also, she should have made that more clear before the other dates happened. She can’t have that expectation if she didn’t make it clear to him.

Peter told Madison that he has been intimate with other women and Madison walks away. She said she was clear with him and he still made certain decisions. No you weren’t, Madison! You told him it wasn’t an ultimatum! You told him it would make it “hard” for you.  

When Peter goes after her, he essentially begs her to stay and profusely apologizes. Then Madison leaves and the episode is over. 

What’s going to happen? Is Madison going to leave for good? We have to wait two weeks to find out because next week is the “Women Tell All.” We are in for so much drama and I can’t wait!

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