The Coulee Region crew

Them Coulee Boys play at The Cabin, album to drop later this month


Photo by Meghan Hosely/ The Spectator

A mandolin, a banjo, a guitar and a bass: Them Coulee Boys, made up of members Beau Janke, Jens Staff, Michael Aschbacher and Soren Staff performed original songs and cover songs Saturday night.

With every strum, every head bob and every foot stomp, the energy coming from each instrument ricocheted to the back of The Cabin and all the way to the loft. For some people, it seemed impossible not to bob their heads, shake their legs or even strum their fingers along with the beat of the music.

Them Coulee Boys, a band comprised of four men, performed at The Cabin in Davies Center Saturday night.

Beau Janke, Jens Staff and Soren Staff formed the band about two years ago. The fourth member, Michael Aschbacher, joined in February, completing the staff.

Originally, Soren Staff and Janke found each other at a summer camp the summer after their freshman year of college, and the remaining two members came to work the next summer.

“That summer, we all kind of just jammed,” Soren Staff said. “We kind of formed out of jamming after all the kids left camp on a Friday. We were exhausted, but we’d just sit there and play.”

The band is named after the Coulee Region, which is where the band formed. Currently, the band has a seven-song EP titled Them Coulee Boys out.

Later this month, the band plans to release its first full-length album. The album, which is still unnamed, is set to have fourteen songs on it. Altogether, the band took two weeks to record the album – one during spring break and one week this summer.

Although the genre of the band is bluegrass, many of the members came from different backgrounds of music. Some have classic rock backgrounds, and Soren Staff was a part of a punk rock band in high school. Soren Staff said there wasn’t a real reason why the band became a bluegrass one.

“I don’t think there was ever a decision,” he said. “I mean it’s kind of like, here’s the song that came out of the instruments we play.”

Everyone agreed they’re an emotional bunch, but Janke noted emotions don’t run high as the men step on the stage to perform.

“When we play live, there are no problems whatsoever,” he said.

Them Coulee Boys are no strangers to the stage as they’ve performed in Milwaukee, Madison, Viroqua and around the Eau Claire area. The band likes to go out and have fun on stage, and appreciate every moment of it.

“We’re super appreciative of everyone who comes to these gigs,” Jens Staff said.

Their full-length album is set to release on Oct. 31. To find out more information about the band, find their Facebook page by searching Them Coulee Boys.