Go Claire: Pizza Del Yum

Local Pizzeria offers affordable food with a great taste

Story by Ellis Williams, Staff Writer

Google “pizza in Eau Claire Wisconsin” and you’ll find over 15 restaurants to choose from and on top of that most college students can find a few frozen pizzas in their freezers as well. Finding a place to eat a few slices of pizza is far from a challenge in this city.

 Which pizza joints are worthy of being named elite is a continuous debate but as a proud lover of za, I think it is time to for me to join the argument and bring people’s attention back to one of the most old-school pizzerias around – Pizza Del Re.

 Located on Hastings way, Pizza Del Re has been serving their signature pizzas for several decades and I was made aware of the diner within the first weeks of being in Eau Claire. The affordable pizzeria, known for their lunch and dinner buffets has become my favorite place to grab a slice.

 Walking into the restaurant the first thing I noticed was the worn wood walls matched the aged wooden booths that line the building.  But do not let this old-fashioned feel fool you as their pizza is among the freshest around.

 The pizza has a crispy, paper-thin crust that is covered in the perfect amount of red sauce. The sauce provides enough kick to remind you that this is far from just another slice.

 As a self-proclaimed pizza guru, I know what it takes for a pizza to set the bar. Pizza Del Re has mastered the topping per square inch ratio. Let me explain this delicate mathematical equation.

 Pizza lovers will agree that there is nothing more annoying then when a slice a pizza is so loaded with toppings that as soon as the piece is picked up, the flavorful toppers begin to fall off the pizza. The once zesty-topped slice now looks like a generic cheese pizza and the topping per square inch ratio was not met.

 I have never experienced such a dilemma at Pizza Del Re and it is a testament to their craft that they have mastered this ratio with their large variety of toppings.

 The traditional toppings of sausage, pepperoni and several veggies are all available but the restaurant also offers one of a kind special combination pizzas. This includes the popular “Del Re Special.”

 What sets Pizza Del Re apart from the competition is their lunch and dinner buffets. Available seven days a week, the pizza buffet includes a full salad bar, soup, garlic and cheese bread and cinnamon squares for a mere $7.12

 The lunch buffet is from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and dinner from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. It is hard to find a quiet time to eat during the buffet, but this ensures that the pizzas are always fresh as entire pies are consumed minutes within being served.

 In fact, I have found myself having to settle for a few slices of pepperoni or sausage pizza because the chicken alfredo pizza was gone before I could capture a slice.

 It is exciting knowing every time I go up to fill my plate that the flavor of pizza I will find will not be the same as my previous visit. Pizza Del Re does a great job mixing up the kinds of pizza they serve during their buffet.

 Finding an affordable pizza joint that has quality food and a strong tradition of serving the public is rare as chain-style restaurants are popping up everywhere but Pizza Del Re remains.