Williams’ secret fantasy football sauce-Week 11

First I’ll acknowledge this week’s column short. A successful fun read, I hope you find that to be true. Bless me by reading again next week; never thought I’d have a pedestal like this. Learned a lot about fantasy football by doing research each and everyday.

That introduction naturally came to me and, if any readers think they know what song my introduction is modeled after. Then tweet at me and if you correctly name the name then I will give that person a prize that will be named at a later date.

As I said this week’s column is going to be shorter due to the fact that as a college students, my work is beginning to piling up on me. I do get to write six-page paper on Aubrey Graham though so don’t worry. I won’t be suffering all that much in the library.

Initial reactions and satisfactions Ft. Recaps

Vikings vs. The pro team in D.C

Initial reaction: SKOL!!!!! Vikings win! Man it feels good when your home team wins. John Carlson came out of nowhere to give the subscribers of NFL network his best Gronk impersonation. I have my doubts about his long-term production, but if he plays well versus Seattle I would consider him a must add.

Satisfaction: The entire D.C offense! Thank you for finally unveiling the true talents of your offense Kyle Shanahan. Garcon is on pace for 100 catches and 1,400 yards, he is heavily targeted and I think owners of Garcon can trust him as a true number one WR for the rest of the season. RGIII is back! Maybe… I’ll believe it when I see more. Still not sold he’s a top 8 QB.

Lions vs. Bears

Initial reaction: “Dang it Nick Fairly, I wanted overtime.” For selfish fantasy reasons I wanted to see this game go to OT. Reggie Bush didn’t need overtime to eclipse 100-yards for only his second time all season, but I don’t mean that in a negative manner towards Mr. Bush. He has been solid all year long.  Keeping running hard Reggie. You will forever be the real number 5 in my heart.

Satisfaction: Alshon Jeffery had another solid game. He is blossoming into one of the top second year WR in the league. He also is a top 20 WR and should be a no-brainer starter week in and week out. The Lions need to find a second option in the passing game. Clearly it is not Reggie Bush, Brandon Pettigrew, or Kris Durham. I think it will be Nate Burleson, who looks set to return this week. Keep an eye on him

———A break in the action———-

As I sit and survey the Week 10 games I am starting to realize the NFL did not give me much fantasy relevant news to write about. Do the people really want El Will to recap the Seahawks vs. Falcons? Seattle is good, Atlanta is not. It is as simple as that.

How about two teams I write about every other week. Eagles vs. Packers. More no brainers. Trust in Nick Foles, and continue to start the players you’ve been routinely starting on these teams.

Jaguars vs. Titans? Ah… NEXT

How about the red hot Colts vs. the sluggish Rams?  Well I’ve said it before; the Colts can’t run the football. T.Y Hilton is legit. As for Tavon Austin, if anyone in your league wants to trade for him then take it. This will never happen again this year. No way no how.

Ugly NFL football at its finest. Raiders vs. Giants: Only thing I have to say here is believe in Andre Brown. He’s legit, but if he has another stellar game this week then trade him. Sell high people sell sell high!

I am not writing about any teams in the AFC North because they were fantasy boring this week. Besides AJ Green, who everyone was starting anyway.

Panthers vs. 49ers: Two defensive teams with suspect passing attacks went head to head, and people are confused as to why there was no fantasy production here. Stop it! Play the matchups, not always your studs.

The Saints, and Broncos have awesome offenses and Monday Night Football sucked this week.

I blame the NFL for giving me very little fantasy relevant news. Sorry bros.


QB I BELIEVE in this week:  Josh McCown- He has thrown for over 200 yards in both of his starts this season. He has thrown 4 touchdowns in three games, and has yet to throw an interception. I like McCown to pick up right where he left off last week. If you’re in need of QB help then he is your guy.

RB I BELIEVE in this week. : Andre Brown- I touched on him earlier. I don’t see why Brown wouldn’t have anything but another solid week. He faces a Packer defense that was destroyed on the ground by the Eagles. Brown will be in for another heavy workload, find a spot for him in your lineups this week.

WR I BELIEVE in this week: Larry Fitzgerald- Some skinny college WR I know told me to write about Michael Vick this week. I can’t do that. But I will write about a graduate of this kids former high school. Fitzgerald is facing the Jaguars; if he can’t get it done this week then owners of him should consider benching him for better matchup options.

That’s all I wrote. Again I apologize for the length of my column this week. Sadly, I only have a handful of fantasy football columns left to share with you all this year. I look forward to the future. Till next week old sports.