Williams’ Secret Fantasy Football Sauce-Week 5

A quarter of this NFL season is already in the books. Therefore, I thought I would do something different this week and break down the scoring leaders list as of week four and share to the world my 98 cents on a few players I chose to highlight. Before I go on, I should define “world” as a very select group of people in Eau Claire, the University of Minnesota, Hastings, Minn., Duluth, Minn., and Texas. Shout out to my connects with ties to the southern border and junior hockey players located in Texas.

 Quarterback Breakdown

 Peyton Manning- What a start to the season Manning has had. I stand by my original advice. If you have a suitable back up, then cash in on what Manning can get you in a trade. His stats are skewed due to his legendary week one performance.

 Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, – I believe these two guys will play just as well if not better than Manning from here on out. Don’t trade either player. Rodgers has already had his bye week and Brees is the highest scoring QB over the past two weeks.

 Tom Brady- If you’ve stuck it out with Brady thus far, then you might as well keep holding on a little longer. In the next two weeks, Brady will get his top two receiving options back in Gronk and Danny Amendola. Brady will only rise in the next quarter of the season and on.

 Cam Newton- I love Cam. He’s number one. Cam is going to be fine. Keep playing him and enjoy his end zone celly cause it’s awesome.

 RG III- I’ve written a lot about RG III in the past. In a nutshell, he scares me. Proceed with caution. Quarterbacks I like more than Griffin include Philip Rivers, Mike Vick, Tony Romo and all the quarterbacks listed above him in this list, obviously.

 Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson-  Luck and Wilson are great, real-life quarterbacks. I see a lot of Blugold football player number 40 in them, but unlike Eau Claire’s 40, they are not good fantasy QBs. They are on run first teams and lack the weapons other elite QBs have.

 Running Back Breakdown

 Jamaal Charles- He’s been everything Charles believers said he was going to be. I don’t see why things will change. His QB Alex Smith loves to make the safe check down throws to him. He will continue to flourish.

 Reggie Bush- Bush has been a pleasant surprise, and if he can stay healthy, there is no question that he’ll finish as a top 10 RB. Trade for him if the owner of Bush in your league is still skeptical of him.

 CJ Spiller, Ray Rice, Maurice Jones-Drew- These guys are all in the same boat. They beat up, have capable backups and are screwing over fantasy teams all across America. Unless you can find an owner in your league that still believes in Rice or Spiller as starting running back talent, then you have to hold on to and hope they turn it around. As for Jones-Drew, I would trade him for any top 25 wide receiver right now. Things are only going to get worse for him.

 Giovani Bernard- It looks like Bernard will the top rookie running back in the league this year, and he is climbing up 2014 fantasy mock drafts. Bernard is taking over the starting job sooner than expected in Cincinnati. He had ten more touches the BJGE last week.  Buy him now if you can still get him.

 Danny Woodhead- He’s looking like the poor man’s Darren Sproles. His value obviously takes a jump in PPR leagues. I believe in the passing game of San Diego.

 Lamar Miller- I really like Miller for a few reasons. He has a 4.5 yards per carry average this year. He is proving he can get in the end zone as he has scored in half  of his games.  Why the Dolphins won’t give him more carries is beyond me, but if they ever do so, he’s going to flourish.

 Any running back you drafted in round one that hasn’t been mentioned yet-  Be patient. As I said in my column last week, the current state of the fantasy back is dark. There is little point to selling these running backs now because you will not get what you paid for them. Hold on, they’ll come home.

Wide Receiver Breakdown

Wes Welker- Welker is the greatest slot receiver in the world point blank period. People who believed in Welker’s talents, and the fact that Manning completed 71 percent of his passes to slot receivers in the 2012-2013 season, are now being rewarded on Sundays as they watch little Wessy score touchdowns at a rate he never has before.

Victor Cruz- The most exciting receiver in the NFL is showing he is worth every penny of the $15 million he earn this offseason. The Giants are bad right now and that helps Cruz’s value due to the fact they will be throwing the ball early and often.

Desean Jackson- After two weeks of games, Jackson had 297 yards receiving. Since then, he’s only had 97. I think Jackson and the Eagles will turn it around. I believe Jackson finishes the season as a top 12 WR.

Torrey Smith-  Smith is currently the ninth ranked wide receiver. I don’t think he stays inside the top 10. But he’ll be a top 15 guy due to the fact that he is showing that he is a complete wideout.

Anquan Boldin- I continue to believe in Boldin. He is the only wide receiver on a team with a strong quarterback. He is a talented player who continues to find ways to get open. Boldin is a top 15 the rest of the way.

Pierre Garcon- Washington’s defense is awful. Therefore, the Redskins will get behind in games early, resulting in RGIII having to throw, and his favorite target is Pierre Garcon. I like the sounds of all that.

Tight End Breakdown

If you own this tight end, drop them from your team now: Brandon Myers, Jermaine Gresham  Kyle Rudolph and Brandon Pettigrew. These guys are way over owned.  Other then that, start the tight ends that have been doing well for you. Guys like Coby Fleener are legit.

That’s all I wrote, and much like the conclusion to Breaking Bad,I hope I left you all in awe. I’ve actually never seen an episode of that show, but I know 90 percent of America has. Because my column hasn’t quite gained popularity outside the states yet, I know all my readers would understand that drop. Fantasy murk your league this week like just like TeRio would. Best Wishes. Ohh Kill em.