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She’s not really a queen anymore

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Unlearn Everything
November 1, 2023

Photo by Marisa Valdez

The rap girls are fighting, and cringe levels have increased. There’s one woman to blame and she seems to always emerge from beefs unscathed.

Nicki Minaj has become a well-known name over the past 15 years. I remember being 11 years old when her first album made its debut.

Minaj’s unique sound combined with all of the looks she stole from Lil’ Kim1 allowed her to pave the way for rap and pop music as we know it. 

Minaj and her followers (the Barbz) refer to her as the queen; she’s the queen of rap, queen of the music industry or whatever else she deems fit. 

As time has slowly inched its way into pop culture, rapper Remy Ma got out of prison and the questioning of Minaj’s royal status came into question. 

In 2017 the tensions between the two rappers erupted with releases from Remy like “Shether” and Minaj’s “No Frauds.” The songs traded basic shots at each other, body shaming, accusing the other of using ghostwriters and accusing Minaj of not being able to share the spotlight.

In regards to that last point, keep in mind this was around the same time Cardi B was just starting to heat up.

The beef resolved itself at the 2017 Black Entertainment Television awards when Remy dethroned Minaj’s seven-year winning streak for Best Female Hip Hop Artist. 

In the present, Minaj is still participating in the petty and over the past few weeks, rap gal Twitter has been messier than I’ve ever seen. 

JT of The City Girls and Cardi B went for each other’s throats because of Minaj’s meddling, Latto wasted no time sending jabs to Minaj and the two of them had Sukihana and Chika sending shots as a result.

All of these sub-beefs stems from one big old slab of dead cow that is Minaj’s toxicity in the music industry. 

A few months ago, Minaj had reportedly fired a publicist that aired out all of her business so to speak. 

The former employee made an Instagram account and posted details on their story, the account has since been deleted and was followed up by Minaj going live and gaslighting her whole audience.

One of the most shocking sips of tea for me was reading that Minaj laughed at Megan Thee Stallion when she was shot, and automatically claimed she was lying.

More of the accusations were as follows 

The Barbz are Brainwashed 

I used to think it was the Beyhive, but I can now say, with confidence, that Minaj’s fandom is the most toxic one to exist. 

From paying fans to attack peers online, to openly admitting that these people will do whatever you say, this woman is sick and so are her fans. 

Working with Cardi means no working at all

The rapper that goes by the name of Future wanted to work with Cardi B, then Minaj threatened to remove him from her tour. 

I don’t really care that much about Future though.

Megan Thee Stallion and Minaj were close once. Their collaboration on “Hot Girl Summer” was legendary, but not as legendary as Megan’s collaboration with Cardi B for the anthem known as WAP.

Ever since its release, fans can’t help but notice a bit of tension between the two. They’re no longer friends on social media, and the two have seemed to subliminally send shots at each other in songs.

Minaj is an industry hypocrite 

She would constantly accuse Cardi of paying to have her music on the Billboard 100, yet her former publicist claims she paid officials seventy-five thousand dollars for the song “Super Freaky Girl” to do well.

Her publicist also claimed that Minaj had been sleeping her way around the industry, this is disappointing due to the subliminal shame she sends Cardi’s way for being a dancer.

That one line about never doing anything with Lil Wayne and Drake must be a lie then.

She peaked, it’s okay.

Minaj is in the same place Lil’ Kim got put in all those years ago. She just doesn’t know how to exit gracefully. 

A real queen would recognize when it’s time to pass the torch.

As Minaj’s 40th birthday approaches, I would just like to remind you that there is new music from Rico Nasty, Flo Milli and Monaleo are touring together and there is an up-and-coming rapper from Milwaukee by the name of Lakeyah.


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