Unlearn Everything: Why Delta-8?

Delta 8 isn’t that great

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Unlearn Everything
November 1, 2023

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Disclaimer: I’m of legal age. 

I’m dedicating this week’s unlearning to next week’s holiday. 

Living in a state where weed is still criminalized is just a drag. As a result, delta-8 has been trending over the past couple of years.

Delta-8 is a substance that can be found in the marijuana plant, there isn’t much of it, so most of it is manufactured. 

You can pick it up at most gas stations or smoke shops everywhere you go. 

Concentrates, gummies or the plant itself, delta-8 is advertised as a legal alternative to marijuana: a great high without the health risks!

That’s a load of garbage. 

In my opinion, the only reason Wisconsin hasn’t legalized weed is to purposely oppress communities. 

It’s also important to note that delta-8 isn’t approved by the FDA. There have even been known cases of delta-8 poisoning where people have had physical symptoms like vomiting and diarrhea. 

In legal states, we can at least know where it’s coming from. This is relieving because the risk of consuming laced product is lesser in those areas. 

 It just can’t be good for you.

There isn’t enough research to determine the long-lasting effects of weed itself, so why is this brand new diet weed being so accepted?

I could understand from some perspectives, maybe you get regular drug tests or you’re too afraid of getting caught with something illegal. I could even see it being used for people that are getting introduced to or are weaning off of cannabis. 

That’s where I would personally draw the line. I’ll admit, delta-8 gummies can be potent, but I’m ultra-sensitive to things that I put in my body. And the speed at which those gummies knock me out doesn’t sit well with me. 

Every time I’ve ingested delta-8 I’ve always felt a little off. 

Delta-8 pre-rolls? One puff was enough to make me cough so hard I threw up on myself.

The wax and vapes looked good on paper, but I noticed with a vape you have to hit it a bunch of times only to get a fifteen-minute psychoactive effect. 

All of that huffing and puffing gave me a headache, throat burn and a really queasy feeling in my stomach. I haven’t taken it since. 

One of my friends pointed out that delta-8 reminds them of K2 which was basically pesticides and rat poison. That was the synthetic marijuana before delta-8 was even a concept. 

I only just learned that this used to be sold out of gas stations like  delta-8 is today. 

The state of Wisconsin continues to allow the sale of delta-8 to people while it isn’t FDA regulated and it’s horrendous. This state would rather oppress POC and poor communities to the point of ingesting garbage.

At least federally legalizing marijuana would be a safer way of acquiring a substance that’s going to be consumed regardless of its legality. 

Also if I’m being honest, taking delta-8 doesn’t make you cool, quirky or a pothead. This applies especially to people who frown upon cannabis sativa herself. 

You’re essentially ingesting an off-brand substance that has been criminalized and appropriated. 

I was once at a concert in a legal state with a couple of friends. Friend one joked about all of the weed smokers having a good time. And friend two had to jump in and shout about people on delta-8 having an even better time. 

Don’t be like friend two, all of the potheads are laughing at you. 

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