Faults In Your Stars: What’s your little 3?

these planets are getting personal

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November 1, 2023

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Disclaimer: Everyone is an individual, no two people of the same Zodiac sign are exactly alike. Some people are more evolved than others, everyone changes and nothing is permanent. This is also based on my life experiences, so continue to roll your eyes or keep reading. 

A few weeks ago Faults in Your Stars had its debut talking about the big three in astrology. If you need a refresher here you go.

Where everyone’s sun, moon and rising is concerned, it gets a little more complex once personal planets are taken into consideration (Mercury, venus, mars). 

Personal planets are another reason why astrology isn’t boiled down into one sign, it’s not boxed in like that. 


This planet shows us how we communicate and think. Mercury is at home when in Gemini and Virgo.

The airy side of this mutable planet loves asking questions, learning, evolving and bouncing off the walls. The earthy version of mercury is like a difficult clay that tries to mold itself.

In other words, this is why Geminis and Virgos can be on the neurotic chaotic side of things. That’s mutable energy for you.

People who have their mercury in an air sign for example, (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) might be known for their improv skills, taste in entertainment and witty responses.

These individuals are great at small talk, but really love lengthy conversations and people with a very open mindset. They would be on the same wavelength as fire mercuries (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) most of the time. 

 As far as texting back and making choices, not so great.


This planet is ruled by the cardinal sign Libra and the fixed sign Taurus. Venus tells us about our love languages, relationship patterns, what we value and what makes us feel secure.

For compatibility’s sake, it’s likely that your best friend or partner has venus signs that click. 

If you have an earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) venus chances are acts of service and financial stability are the source of your butterflies. 

Ambition, structure and minding your business are probably something you value.

As a Virgo venus, my ultimate romantic fantasy would be for the love of my life to help me with a major task. I also value self-improvement and I love to criticize if I’m being honest. 

A Capricorn venus tends to value hard work, structure and self-preservation and spoiling their loved ones. I’ve noticed plenty of Capricorn venuses are hustlers and they’re proud of it. 

A Taurus venus really loves their stuff and their physical touch. The key to their heart is simple: let them sleep, give them cuddles. feed them, spend money on them and give them their vices. 


Mars is the planet that influences your drive, aggression, sex, mannerisms and how you carry yourself. 

This planet is ruled by Aries and Scorpio. The fiery side is impulsive and the watery side is vengeful.

If you have a fire mars, chances are you’re known to be impulsive and expressive and you probably have awesome reflexes. Fire mars can also be a bit self-centered. 

As a Sagittarius mars, I love to preach and teach, I love arguing and I like to do things my way. 

The Leo mars people in my life tend to only want to do things on their terms, but they only want the best for their loved ones and will be fiercely loyal to what drives them in life.

An Aries mars is usually adorable. They can be quick to irritate but they always mean well and they carry themselves like a baby in a candy shop. I think this placement takes dishonesty the hardest in situations.

Fun fact: Don’t know your time of birth? Don’t stress. Narrowing down your mercury sign is pretty easy: it’s either the same as your sun sign, the sign that came before or after. 

So if you’re a Gemini and don’t know your mercury, your options would be Taurus, Gemini or cancer.

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