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What’s your big 3?

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November 1, 2023

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I just want to call attention to all of the astrology geeks and non-believers. This column is for y’all. 

Did you know everyone has more than one astrological sign? We all have  multiple planets in several different places and degrees that make everyone’s zodiac collection unique.

In order to understand your own astrological makeup, you’ll need to calculate something called a birth chart. This is basically a snapshot of the sky the moment you were born. 

In order to calculate said chart, you’ll need your full birthdate, birthplace and the time of birth.

If you are someone who doesn’t have access to your birth time, I would recommend you consult that one friend you have that’s obsessed about the subject, like me.

Now that we know how to create a birth chart, it’s time to read that sucker. Here’s a little cheat sheet. 

Sun Sign

Every planet can be associated with a core phrase: the sun says “I am.”

Your sun sign represents your core being, and who you are at the root of things. It’s the sign we look for when reading cheesy horoscopes, or it’s used to “help” us in the dating pool. 

In my opinion, your sun sign is probably the least interesting thing about your birth chart. 

If you only follow sun sign astrology, chances are you may suffer from being basic. 

Moon Sign 

The moon says “I feel.”

If you are one of those people who just can’t seem to relate to what your sun sign is all about, this is where your moon sign comes into play. 

The moon rules over our emotions: it’s our deep subconscious self, it represents our relationships with maternal figures and it’s the sign we express when people really get to know us.

For the longest time I never believed in astrology because I struggled to relate to my sun sign: Libra. In short, Libras are said to be these mushy romantic beings that don’t know how to say no, and they live for living in the gray area. I didn’t identify with most of that.

When I found out my moon sign was Scorpio it all started to click.

Unlike my sun sign, Scorpio energy is rather infamous for jealous and obsessive charictaristics. On the upside, I was also blessed with the intuition, a lie detector and intensity that makes me who I am today. 

Ascendant  Sign

Your rising sign says “I portray”

Your Ascendant sign, or rising sign as most call it, is arguably the most important sign in your birth chart. It is a representation of our outermost layer of self. When you first meet someone, you’re actually meeting their rising sign. The sun takes roughly four weeks to move into another zodiac sign, the moon transitions every two days.

This is why knowing your birth time is so important. Your rising sign also dictates your outlook on the world, as well as the formatting of your birth chart. 

For example: my rising sign is Virgo, and that’s how I immediately come off to people. Since Virgos are known for being worriers, it would only be fitting for our resting faces to look … upset.

If you know what I look like and you see me in public, chances are you probably think I’m intimidating or I’m displeased. I was at a bar with friends a while back and one of them told me I needed to fix my face because I looked full of rage.

I was honestly just thinking about my kitten, Jamal. 

Us Virgo risings are also really good at making last-minute projects look proper and pretty. We are the supreme procrastinators, and we always get away with it too. 

I personally have a reputation for procrastinating until the last possible moment. My most ridiculous accomplishment would be starting and finishing my ten page midterm paper eight hours before the due date. I got an A. 

The combination of the sun, moon and rising signs make up your “Big three.” Yes, these placements are key aspects of a natal chart, but it gets more intricate with our little three. 

That’s for next week.

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