Good Girls do bad things

The show looks like a chick flick; it’s not though.

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November 1, 2023

Everyone has a price and everyone has a point.

I just finished rewatching Good Girls on Netflix and I’m anxious to see the fourth and final season this coming March. 

This show is essentially a commentary about capitalism. It’s set in Detroit and is about three “normal” suburban moms who are financially in the hole. Beth Borland is a stay at home mother of four, in a marriage with an unfaithful husband who lost all of their money at his dealership. His name is Dean but my friends and I call him Shaggy (a good performance by the legendary Mathew Lillard). My partner and I joke around about how we think Beth and Dean are just like Beth and Jerry from Rick and Morty.

Annie Marks is Beth’s younger sister, she works at a grocery store and dropped out of highschool after getting pregnant with her son. She is faced with a creepy boss at work who wants to cut her hours; and then her ex tells her he is suing for custody. 

Ruby Hill is a waitress that is happily married to a future cop. Their daughter is on an oxygen tank and has failing kidneys. When news of a groundbreaking medicine gives the Hill family hope, the price tag of 100 thousand dollars discouraged them. 

At first, robbing the grocery store was a joke, until it wasn’t. The girls got their kids fake guns and bought some ski masks; it was a done deal. When they opened the safe, they were only expecting to see thirty grand. 

The girls took one hundred grand of laundered money, a gang tracks them down and says they have to pay. They end up washing counterfeit money for him instead. They swear they’re good girls but this is a story about PTA moms by day and criminals by night.

I love this show because it shows that sometimes to get ahead you have to cheat the system. It’s ultimately true that good people do bad things. In the words of Ruby Hill, “I bought you a second chance! Matter of fact I stole it. No prayers or church donations was gonna get you a kidney.”

There’s nothing but honesty there. If you knew there was no way you would get caught, would you rob a bank?

Watch three ‘innocent’ suburban moms turn into the bosses they always wanted to be. Who knew crime could give a woman so much agency? I’m not saying everyone should go out and try their luck at being a con artist, but if you have a knack for it, why let a piece of paper stop you? 

Once again, I’m just saying, these girls were just washing fake money to feed their families. Why should they be scrutinized for doing what they have to do? 

Everyone has a price, and everyone has a point. Being desperate for cash is something that can happen to anyone.

Not to mention this show has the attention of the one and only Megan Thee Stallion. She has a cameo in season three. 

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