Reviewing the most popular Halloween candies of 2021

Survey says… chocolate is what everyone hopes to indulge in this Halloween

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Candy, candy and more candy. Happy Halloween.

Halloween was this past weekend, and as a result, I saw and consumed a lot of candy and got into plenty of arguments about which candy was the best. This got me thinking, which candies are the most popular among those who celebrate Halloween?

A quick Google search brought me to RetailMeNot’s annual Halloween candy survey. I’m here to break down the results for you. We’ll start with the least popular and work our way to the top.

Candy Corn

This sweet treat has been dividing people for generations. You either love it or you hate it. Candy Corn is a Halloween classic tri-colored, honey-flavored treat that 28% of people surveyed said is their favorite.

I’m surprised that Candy Corn made the top eight. I personally am not a fan and wouldn’t put it anywhere near the top of my favorites list. Maybe I’d eat it with a pretzel, but never by itself. I don’t like the texture and it’s like eating straight sugar. However, I do think the colors are aesthetic.

Final verdict — I give Candy Corn a two out of 10.


Seems like people like to “taste the rainbow” as 29% of people said Skittles are their favorite candy to receive on Halloween.  

Skittles are chewy and fruit-flavored candy that comes in a variety of packs including original, sour, gummy, tropical and more. The original pack includes the individual flavors strawberry, orange, green apple and lemon.

I personally think Skittles aren’t bad. They’re not my favorite and they get stuck in my teeth, but they taste good in my opinion. The grape and green apple are the best flavors.

Final verdict — I give Skittles a five out of 10.


Left or right? Whichever side is preferred, 42% of people dig for Twix bars in the Halloween candy bowls. Both sides of a Twix feature a crunchy cookie covered with smooth caramel and chocolate.

I’m happy to see Twix on this list, but I think it’s a crime for it to end up this low. I love the combination of caramel and chocolate, so Twix is probably close if not my favorite candy bar. It surely deserves more than sixth place.

Final verdict — I love Twix, 10 out of 10.


Sometimes less is more. This is the case with Hershey bars. 44% of people look for these on Halloween. Hershey bars are plain, creamy and smooth milk chocolate bars that are versatile in their uses.

I like Hershey bars. They’re plain, yes, but they’re also a solid piece of chocolate. 

Final verdict — nothing special, but good, six out of 10.


Snickers bars are “packed with roasted peanuts, nougat, caramel and milk chocolate.” 48% of people like it the best of all the other candy.

I personally don’t really like peanuts or anything that tastes super nutty. I would not put this on my favorites list. 

Final verdict — it’s a no for me, three out of 10.

Kit Kat

Kit Kat bars are crispy wafers that are covered in chocolate. 50% of people prefer it over other Halloween candy, to take third out of eight candies.

I love Kit Kats. They are tied with Twix as my favorite candy bar ever made. Pro tip: put Kit Kats in the freezer and eat them frozen. They offer a better crunch that way.

Final verdict — immaculate, 10 out of 10.


The second-place finisher with 54% of the vote is Reese’s. Reese’s are described as “the perfect combination of chocolate and peanut butter.” These also come in many different sizes and varieties.

If there’s anything I dislike more than peanuts, it’s peanut butter. I know, I’m weird. With that said, I’m sorry but these make me gag.

Final verdict — gross, zero out of 10.


Drum roll, please… America’s favorite candy with 54% of the vote is M&Ms. M&Ms are coated pieces of chocolate that come in many different flavors and colors, with the original being milk chocolate.

I like M&Ms, but I’m confused as to why they are number one according to this survey. They’re good, but better than some of the others lower on this list? No.

Final verdict — okay, not great, six out of 10.

We’ve reached the end of our list. Happy Halloween everyone. I hope you enjoy your treats, and remember, if you have left over Twix or Kit Kats — hit me up.

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