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Intestines, protests and COVID-19, oh my!

Sami Geiger

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I thought that living through COVID-19 was bad but reliving all the horrible events that had occurred is worse.

Stress ran high at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital as the recent death of George Floyd caused large protests and gruesome times, especially for hospital workers.

Richard Webber alerted his staff if they wanted to take some time and rest or protest, they should do so. 

Leading by example, Webber himself left for the day and went out to join the ongoing protest, but he came back just as fast as he left. 

At the protest he was at, he met a woman named Nell; she was shot by a tear-gas container that was lodged in her neck. I told you — gruesome.

Webber and Nell swapped protest-scar stories inspiring many other doctors in the hospital to join and share their stories — or go make some themselves.

Webber seemed to have a pretty relaxed day — he met a nice woman, swapped some protest stories and went on with his day…if only that was true for the other doctors working at the hospital.

Miranda Bailey spent her whole day dealing with a patient who thought that COVID-19 wasn’t real. And, almost as if karma is real, the patient ends up testing positive for COVID-19. 

I thought that would show him, but I guess not really because he still didn’t believe COVID-19 was real. 

The patient had trouble breathing and had a clot in his leg. At this point, anybody else would be begging for treatment, but instead, this particular patient asked for an asthma prescription and nothing else.

Some people, I swear.

The patient then left against medical advice, although he couldn’t even make it to the door before collapsing. Bailey and Teddy Altman couldn’t save him. 

It wasn’t like Bailey really wanted to save him, but the doctor in her had to at least try.

Switching to another character’s stress, Maggie Pierce was waiting for her boyfriend, Winston Ndugu, to make it home after driving across the country to be with her. With everything going on in the world, she was terrified about him driving alone.

As she should be because even during non-pandemic times, driving alone can be a nerve-wracking thing. 

Wintson got pulled over while on the phone with Pierce. Of course, given the situation at hand, the cops pulled him over due to his bicycle rack covering his license plate.

The cops got a look at who was driving and took it to a whole different level. They ended up searching Winton’s entire car, leaving him to clean up their mess.

Again, some people, I swear.

While in the middle of this, Pierce dealt with a patient named Guy who was shot with a rubber bullet during a protest.

To keep him alive, they rush him to the operating room. Pierce is still beyond worried about Winston, so she asked Webber to find him for her — he could be anywhere but whatever.

Guy made it through surgery and Winston made it through his cop experience. Both were left a little shaken, but nothing too bad occurred. 

At the end of the day, Pierce sat on the porch waiting for her fiancee to pull into the driveway. Once he did, there was a tiny bit of relief.

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