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Campaign strategies account for COVID-19

Tiana Kuchta

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Though the spread of COVID-19 has not yet reached its peak in the U.S., the campaign for president continues; it just looks a little different. 

Candidates are being forced to engage in more virtual forms of campaigning at a time when all anyone wants to think about whether or not their family will stay safe through this. 

While the news would usually be full of election talk by this time in an election year, it is now filled with talk of the virus. 

Only a small portion of time on Wisconsin news stations has been given to reminding voters to register online and request absentee ballots. Even that is cast in the shadow of the virus as it is a way to maintain the Safer at Home Order

With this change of pace across the county, President Trump has begun to portray himself as a “wartime president” and his approval ratings have now risen to 50 percent, according to The New York Times

Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate many believe will end up facing Trump in November, has experienced criticism these last few weeks as he maintains a low profile during this crisis. 

Even though Bernie Sanders is largely thought to be out of the race with Biden having a significant lead on him in the primaries — he is holding out hope that this pandemic will help with his most important platform: Medicare For All.

“For someone who has built a career out of campaigning against the inequality of our health care system, this is prime time,” said Nick Carter, political outreach director for the 2016 Sanders campaign, to the Times

Though the news has been dominated by Trump and COVID-19 updates, Sanders continues to take the stage whenever possible. 

This includes the Senate floor, news releases and interviews where he repeatedly states his mantra and calls for Medicare For All

Sanders has also released his emergency response to the pandemic, detailing what he would do if he were in power, which is something I think many voters will be thinking about in the coming years. 

We have seen how Trump is dealing with it and though it is difficult to know how one will react in a crisis, acknowledging that this is something we may see more of in the future has become an important part of this campaign. 

Though he has been staying out of the public eye recently, Biden has also added a plan to combat COVID-19 to his website. 

These are important policies to read up on and while you are there, check out the other policies these candidates have in mind. 

If you have not registered to vote or requested an absentee ballot, you still have time! Go to, the window closes at midnight tonight. 

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