Pockets are back: why I’m excited

Pockets are becoming trendy and I, for one, could not be more thrilled

Bridget Kelley

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Photo by CanStock

Cargo shorts have always been the fuel to my rage.

I have always experienced an irrational dislike of cargo shorts. Why are men allowed such power in their wardrobe? Why are they allowed not only the proper amount of pockets — two front and two back, in case you’re wondering — but also several additional pockets, which just hang there on their legs, empty. Not holding a single thing.

Meanwhile, I am struggling over here with my two small back pockets and fake front pockets.  I must resort to carrying all of my things in a purse or backpack, which I still have to carry.

The things that do fit in my pockets are often just small enough to fit, which makes me wary of actually using my pockets, because there is a definite possibility that something will fall out and be lost forever.

And thus, I am stuck with a purse.

Pockets are not a hard thing to add to a garment. It’s literally just a small piece of fabric that you sew on. Easy.

Unfortunately, women’s clothing manufacturers are more preoccupied with their sexist ideal than anything else, and the addition of sometimes bulky — yet extremely useful — pockets detract from the ideal feminine aesthetic.

Despite the curve-hugging skinny jeans trend that has been going strong for quite some time, looser jeans are slowly coming back with the boyfriend and  mom jean trend. And now, the latest trend in women’s fashion is the cargo pant.

Yes, finally, pockets are back. Cargo pants are making a resurgence from the 90s and I am grateful. That is to say, I am grateful that pockets are back. I am probably not going to jump on the cargo pants trend just yet, but maybe one day.

I still wish that there were larger pockets in my skinny jeans or in my slacks, let alone my sweatpants. I almost exclusively buy men’s sweatpants now because of the pocket size. Ridiculous.

All in all, I feel as though fashion may be moving in the right direction, but it might just be a phase — which I also totally get.

We all have to go through weird phases at some point, but eventually one of them sticks. I really hope that this is the one that sticks with women’s fashion. I just really want to be able to go to dinner without leaving my purse in the booth again. It always happens.

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