Student left wondering who really killed Jason Blossom after final Biology lecture

Kacey O’Brien’s classmate only made it to episode 11 of ‘Riverdale’ after university cut semester from 15 to 14 weeks

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Kacey O’Brien, a first-year communications student, has been left hanging after her classmate failed to finish season one of “Riverdale” on Netflix by their final Biology 106 lecture. The classmate, who sits one row ahead of her, had been watching the popular teen show with the subtitles on nearly every day in class, she said.

Sources report that a number of professors across disciplines have mentioned the difficulty of fitting 14 weeks of content into only 13 weeks, after the university cut the number of academic weeks in Spring semester.

O’Brien, who doesn’t have access to a Netflix account after her ex-boyfriend changed his password, said she doesn’t know where to go from here.

“Our last lecture couldn’t have come at a worse time,” she said. “F.P. literally just got arrested for the murder of Jason Blossom, and I’m like 85 percent sure it wasn’t him.”

The unanswered questions left after the end of the semester may haunt O’Brien for the rest of her days, she said. Her only solution going into the summer might be to find another boyfriend with a Netflix account, she said.

“Is Jughead gonna have to move to Toledo?” she said. “And why the heck was Polly’s engagement ring in Penelope Blossom’s jewelry drawer?”

O’Brien said she isn’t sure who to blame for the poor alignment of the semester with her classmate’s Netflix-watching schedule.

“On the one hand, she could’ve considered the rest of us when she decided not to watch it at all last week,” O’Brien said while gesturing towards the empty seat her classmate sat in all semester. “On the other hand, it was pretty inconsiderate of UW-Eau Claire to cut that extra week in the semester.”

Braden Schmidt, who sits next to O’Brien in class, said that because he’s already seen the first season of “Riverdale” he’s less upset than O’Brien.

“I totally understand why she feels that way though,” he said. “Episode 11 is like, the worst possible episode to end on. She doesn’t even know that Jason and Polly’s relationship was technically incest yet.”

Schmidt said he was more concerned about the relationship between the student who sits in front of him and her mother.

“She always had her laptop open to iMessages with her mom,” he said, “and let me tell you. It was not pretty. It got progressively more dysfunctional. It’s too bad I’ll never find out how they’ll resolve their long-time emotional traumas.”

O’Brien said that despite this blow to her academic career, she has hope for the future.

“Sure, Eau Claire lopped a week off the semester and, due to that lapse in judgement, I never finished ‘Riverdale,’” she said. “On the bright side, Spotify Premium comes with Hulu now, so at least I can finally watch ‘The Handmaid’s Tale.’”