The Micon Downtown Cinema

An old-time theater with a full menu

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On Hawai’i Time
December 3, 2018

With the season defying snow, the perfect thing to do on our last chilly weekends is to see a movie in a theater — not on Netflix.

The Micon Downtown Cinema in downtown Eau Claire is a classic old-time theater with a twist.

The interior has brightly colored carpet and walls covered in a dim light. One of the first things I noticed was an oversized plastic bucket — a reusable popcorn bucket that most people in the theater were eating from.

At the entrance there is a counter to purchase tickets, candy, soda and popcorn with real butter. Here is where the speciality of this theater comes in: They have a full food and alcohol menu. The offerings vary from their personal artisan pizzas to jalapeno pretzel poppers and Kraft macaroni and cheese.

The bottom of the counter is a cooler, which is filled with unique beer on display for the customer to grab. Wine is also an option, if preferred. Because I’m underage, I decided to go with a classic bubbly Sprite.

After purchasing my $4 ticket to “The Greatest Showman,” I ordered a bowl of Kraft macaroni and cheese and Bavarian pretzel sticks, complete with a cup of nacho cheese.

The mac and cheese is everything I wanted from Kraft mac and cheese: a salty cheesy mess that played a part in all good days of my childhood. It came out steaming in a plastic bowl that should have had a “caution: HOT” warning on it. Just as a child would, I ate every bite of mac and cheese with each prong of the fork stuck inside a single noodle.

The Bavarian pretzel sticks were exactly what I envisioned. They were long and cylindrical, light and airy. I am sure they are not true Bavarian pretzels, but does that really matter as long as they taste delicious? The lava-like nacho cheese was the perfect pairing to the fluffy pretzel.

In between singing and dancing to, arguably, the best movie out at the moment, I stole bites of my snacks.

The theater itself is small and full of character. The chairs are squeaky and extremely comfortable from the wear of previous movie-goers over the years. Because the theater serves meals, there are tables conveniently in front of every chair.

As someone who is constantly freezing cold, I bring blankets to movie theaters as a result of over-air conditioning. This theater, though, was neither too cold nor too hot — it was just right, and I truly appreciate that.

The menu, as wild as it is, has a great vegan option of a hummus platter with veggies for dipping.

Who would want to watch a movie without something sweet? Besides the candy collection, the theater offers an ice cream sundae topped with chocolate, caramel or strawberry topping with sprinkles and whipped cream. They also offer a rootbeer float and mini doughnuts.

Head to the Micon Downtown Cinema for a delicious dinner and a great movie! They are now showing The Greatest Showman, Red Sparrow, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and Annihilation.