Area student plans romantic dinner at Milwaukee Burger

The UW-Eau Claire senior hopes to follow with after-dinner drinks at The Pickle


Two seniors, Brad Johnson and Hannah Anderson, who met in an astrology course at UW-Eau Claire last year, are celebrating Valentine’s Day in a down-to-earth fashion.

This is the couple’s first date after making their relationship Facebook official, also the first Johnson will have planned.

Johnson took a break from his meticulous date-organizing and divulged the plan to his close friends on Monday afternoon. “Here’s what I’m thinking, you guys,” Johnson said while scrolling through the document.

According to the schedule, Johnson reserved a table for two at Milwaukee Burger for 7 p.m..

“I know when I arrive wearing flannel and present the table, pre-set with a basket of yummy bread and two bottles of Pabst Blue Ribbon, she’s going to lose her mind,” Johnson said.

Following the dinner, the couple will make their way to The Pickle for after dinner drinks and then to “Shenans” for a first dance.

Anderson said she is filled with anticipation for this evening. She has organized every other date thus far, and is excited to see what’s to come of Johnson’s initiative.

The couple met their sophomore year and were constantly bumping into one another in the time following, Anderson said. Soon after, they became fast friends, moving from hanging out to tagging each other in memes to casually seeing each other (“We just didn’t want a big, huge thing,” Johnson said).

Friends had reportedly begun urging them to finally start dating when it became clear the couple were each other’s go-to for celebrity shots and finding the next address.

“You know, we had our first kiss at Putnam Rock, a romantic afternoon hike at Mount Simon … we’ve even taken selfies on every bridge in Eau Claire,” Anderson said. “We’ve pretty much hit every relationship milestone except Valentine’s Day.”