Great Debate

Real vs. fake Christmas trees




Real Trees

Going home for the holidays makes it a precious time of year, especially when you’ve been away at college doing school work that never seems to end.

When finals are over and winter break begins, there seems to be an overwhelming consensus that it is time to relax and get into the holiday season.

Choosing a Christmas tree together is something my family has done for my entire life. There is a special farm we go to pick the right one. It helps us get in the Christmas spirit. If we had an artificial tree, this wouldn’t happen.

Real Christmas trees bring a unique aroma to your home, the fresh scent of pine needles travel naturally around the room and puts your mind at peace with every inhale.

According to a study in 2009 from the College of Natural Science in South Korea, pine needles are high in Vitamin C which can protect your DNA from cancer causing genes.

Not to mention, I think we can all tell when someone has a fake Christmas tree. They have a tendency to look plastic, and if you look hard enough, there is a pole instead of a brown trunk.

There is no smell, or anything really special about it.

Also, by getting a real Christmas tree, you are supporting a farmer.

When we choose our tree, there are people who help us select the right one for our home.

When you buy an artificial tree, it is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase and you do not get to have human interaction with members from the farming community.

Spending time with your family while choosing a real Christmas tree makes the holidays truly the most wonderful time of the year.

— Elizabeth Gosling, Staff Writer


Fake Trees

The holidays are the best time of the year. You’re surrounded by friends and family to celebrate life before kicking down the new year’s door.

In my home, Christmas is the quintessential focus of the holiday season. The gifts, food and planning that go into creating such a festivity can become overwhelming.

So when it comes to the tree, fake is great.

First, there’s the mess: pine needles quickly smother the floor and become hazardous for my two cats. The other factor with my family is specific to my mom. She hates the smell of pine, so a real tree spouting the offensive aroma isn’t welcomed in our home.

Real trees aren’t terribly expensive in this region, but fake trees can save you money yearly to be better spent on ornaments or gifts for your loved ones.

We should be spending our time with our family and friends, not slaving over christmas tree maintenance.

Even if you’re a grinch but feel like you must have a tree during the holiday season, a fake tree will match your Christmas spirit.

After Christmas, fake trees allow for easier cleanup and simplified storage. You have to dispose of or burn a real tree, which can become even more costly.

The holidays tend to dry out bank accounts, so why spend a dime more than necessary on something which is only meant to be a symbol of gathering?

I see no reason.

— Austin Mai, Editor in Chief