Niagara’s New Girl

When caught listening to sappy music, the guys try to preserve their manhood

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Niagaras New Girl

I’m currently in the midst of the my busiest semester. This means I have begun spending less time at home and an increasing amount of time on the go, trying to accomplish all of the tasks the week has in store for me.

On a particular day, when the weather went from an unusually warm fall day to a bitter, cold slap in the face, I wasn’t the only one to feel the cruel difference and noticed so when I made a brief stop at the house that afternoon.

I walked in the front door for the first time in what felt like days to find two of the guys settled on the couch with their winter hats still on from their last venture outside, immersing themselves in the emotional melodies of Adele’s new song, “Hello.”

A friend showed me this song a couple weeks ago and I immediately liked it for its emotional depth (I live for that stuff). Hence why I found it strange the guys chose this song to fill the houses silence while they competed in a round of NHL 15. The two activities just didn’t seem to fit.

I didn’t want to judge or be rude but I couldn’t help my curiosity. I barged into the living room to question why they were playing such unusual music compared to the normal trap music I’m used to hearing when I get home.

As what I expected to happen anytime I question their manhood, I got a feisty remark back telling me they’re allowed to listen to whatever they want when the weather is cold and cloudy. Apparently they wanted something to match their murky moods.

I agreed I liked to listen to sad music when it’s rainy and cold out and went on with my day. The guys on the other hand weren’t as ready to let it go.

Anytime I was home over the following two days, they made it a point to bring it up to me that listening to Adele was normal for males. At this point I didn’t care anymore but let them make their point continuously since I know preserving their manhood is important for their survival and well-being.

I didn’t mean to make them feel all sentimental and “girly” but it was hilarious that one little comment I said stuck in their head and made them question their music choice and manhood for 48 hours straight.

I could tell once they realized I didn’t care, neither did they. I was in the shower that night when they decided to have a sing-along to Adele again.

Maybe they thought I couldn’t hear it with the shower running or maybe they finally decided to accept and embrace their inner sappy side. Whichever it was, I’m not one to judge and actually like that they feel as if they can be themselves around me.

My next step is to show them The Spectator staff playlist we posted last week featuring our favorite saddest songs. Apparently it will come in handy to help the guys deal with the long winter months ahead.