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Is Walker right for attempting to deny Syrian refugees the ability to call Wisconsin home?

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December 14, 2017

Following the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, Governor Scott Walker sided with nearly half of the United States’ governors, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and announced he will not allow Syrian refugees to settle in Wisconsin.

Because one of the attackers was a Syrian refugee, Walker said he does not agree with President Barack Obama’s plan to accept 10,000 or more refugees into the U.S., specifically in Wisconsin.

Walker isn’t alone, as 50 Assembly Republicans sent a letter to Obama asking him to suspend the program to welcome refugees to the U.S. immediately.

“If you look at history, terrible things can happen but that’s not any excuse to not allow victims of horrendous crimes into the U.S.,” one member said.

The Editorial Board unanimously agreed that Walker is wrong to try and stop Syrian refugees from coming to Wisconsin.

One member admitted they can see the other perspective, but is confident enough in the United Nations and U.S. Officials to make sure the refugees coming in are not a threat to our country.

“You can’t deny all of these people access because of the possibility of one of them being a bad apple,” one member said.

Various members believed that while there may be some underlying fear in accepting refugees into our country after these brutal terrorist attacks, it’s morally wrong to deny them access to a better life as they too have faced brutal conditions in their home country.

“America is known as the home of the free and I really do believe that people come here seeking a better life, as many of these refugees are,” another member said.

As far as refugees entering Wisconsin goes, it’s currently unclear what, if any, authority the state would have in allowing these refugees entrance.