Great Debate

Socks and Sandals: In favor of or against?




Socks and sandals- In favor of

Recently, because of the ever-changing temperatures, I’ve suffered from having sweaty feet.

Why is that? After careful consideration, I’ve decided it’s because heat has been trapped in my shoes as I walk to class, leaving my poor feet feeling like they ran a marathon rather than just trekked across the campus mall.

One night, I discovered the perfect solution: wearing socks and sandals, instead of shoes that completely cover my feet.

It was the best thing I could’ve done for my feet. The socks still kept my feet covered and protected, but wearing them with my Birkenstocks allowed for airflow. Do you see how this created the best of both worlds?

For this very reason, socks and sandals are also make for a great transition from summer to fall.

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably less than thrilled that it’s most likely going to be snowing a month (or less) from today. So by me breaking out my Birkenstocks this late into autumn, it allows me to pretend that summer’s still actually here.

Also, can we talk about how many ladies are spotted on campus, donning their Birkenstocks and cute socks? As typical as that combination can be, try and tell me you don’t think it’s cute in the slightest.

Socks and sandals are made for college students: just slip on your sandals and you’re ready to go to class. That’s much better than taking the time to tie my shoes, only to have them get all sweaty within a ten-minute walk to class.

—Meghan Hosely, Online Editor


Socks and sandles- Against

Socks are comfortable. Sandals are luxurious in summer. However, just because macaroni and my calculator are both useful, doesn’t mean I resort to putting them together in some weird tech-age pasta conglomeration.

Socks with sandals. Yes, I shuddered too when I pictured it.

Let’s talk about what mom’s across the U.S. cringe upon seeing their children leaving for school in the morning.

There are two mutations of this fashion beast.

The first is Birkenstocks with socks. While it may look outdoorsy and give the impression that the wearer wakes up each day bent on completing sunrise yoga (with a breakfast of organic granola and french-press coffee of course,) I balk at the birk look.

Many fashion rules are created to be broken . . . but when wearing socks, closed toed shoes are a must. No one needs to see that different-colored sock tip peeping through the front of sandals. It’s like seeing boxers or underwear beneath low hanging jeans.

The second mutation can be seen by the athletic socks and Nike/Adidas sandals combination.

It makes the wearer look like they thought it would get cold during the walk from the locker room to the pool but they got lost along the way. “Whoops! This isn’t the McPhee pool,” the look seems to say. “Guess I better walk in public places for all of January.”

The logic of trying to wear impractical footwear during the wrong season doesn’t work. I’m reminded of my eighth grade summer when I got new winter boots. I enthusiastically wore them around town with knit shorts in order to compensate for the heat of course.

I still avoid pictures from that summer.

In conclusion, dear ones, while Jesus might be pleased with the fact that sandals are still in style, he would not have let you in on his last supper if you arrived wearing socks too.
—Lara Bockenstedt, Staff Writer