The Spectator

COLUMN: White House pranks not amusing

January 29, 2001

Many things former President Bill Clinton have done disgusted me, but my personal approval rating of Slick Willy dropped even lower due to the "surprise" the Clinton team left behind for President George W. Bush. Bush aides moving...

STAFF EDITORIAL: Funding international groups that offer abortion

January 25, 2001

On the 28th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, President Bush approved an order to block U.S. funds that go to international family-planning groups that offer abortions and abortion counseling. It reverses the Clinton administration's...

EDITORIAL: Winter break brings unwelcome excess

January 25, 2001

As January winds down and Christmas settles itself comfortably into our not-so-distant memory, there is one thing that remains from that joyous season. Or, perhaps, more like three to six things. They are the pounds that most...

EDITORIAL: Bush Administration faces new threats with under-qualified staff

January 25, 2001

Lost in the typical Washington bipartisan ship of soon-to-be cabinet members Gale Norton and John Ashcroft is the relative ease the three most important cabinet members will have in their Senate hearings. Colin Powell (secretary...

EDITORIAL: Be fat, be happy

January 25, 2001

Most of my life I've lived in fear. Fear about how I looked, which affected how I felt about myself. Fear that nobody ever would love me unless I could change the way I looked. Then I read a remarkable book, one that helped me...

Staff editorial

January 22, 2001

Using Native American names for sports teams has caused controversy for many years. Many schools across the country have either changed their names or their mascots because of this. The University of North Dakota has been under...

Bugs not welcome here

January 22, 2001

Let me just start off by saying that I really like living off campus. It's fun to have a whole house just for my roommates and me. It's a lot more space to deal with than a dorm room and we get to experience some of the little...

New year woes

January 22, 2001

It has arrived, and if you didn't notice, it's almost a month in. Yeah, you know what I'm talking about. The good year that is now known as "Y2K1." One better than its mother Y2K - and we all remember what happened, and really...

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