The Spectator

School bookstore contract goes to national chain

December 14, 2000

The University Bookstore will outsource the operation of the store early next year. Barnes and Noble will take over operation of the bookstore when the contract begins in February 2001. It ends June 30, 2007. Student Senate President...

Listen up

December 14, 2000

An enhanced version of the music department's listening lab will be available to students and faculty this spring, with one major change. It will be located in McIntyre Library instead of the Haas Fine Arts Center. The new...

Friend raising

December 14, 2000

The first annual Blugold Open, a fund-raising event scheduled for Feb. 3 in Zorn Arena, stemmed from an idea that, fittingly enough, the tennis team came up with. The event, a table tennis tournament with a $5 entry fee, is open...

Faculty pay to increase

December 14, 2000

Student tuition would increase by at least 3 percent in 2002 if the measure for a faculty and academic staff pay raise is passed by the state Legislature. The tuition hike may not be all bad, said Student Senate Vice President...

Breaking the fall

December 14, 2000

Three-day weekend - a phrase that is music to a college student's ears. During an afternoon meeting Tuesday, University Senate debated the issue of giving students an extra day off in the fall of the 2002-2003 school year. The...

Ruling could affect seg fee distribution

December 14, 2000

A federal judge ruled that the way University of Wisconsin System distributes student fees to fund campus organizations is unconstitutional because it has no guarantee that the funding decisions are viewpoint neutral. Eight months...

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