Police Blotter

UW-Eau Claire Police responded to two total drug cases on campus this week


Story by Sami West, Staff Writer

Paraphernalia galore

Three students chose to enter the Diversion Program and one student received a use/possession citation after UW-Eau Claire investigated reports of marijuana use on the third floor of Chancellors Hall April 3.

At approximately 9:08 p.m., campus police received reports of students seen smoking marijuana from a glass bong through an open third floor window.

When responding officers arrived on the scene, they observed an individual looking out from the third floor window. As they approached the reported room, the officers detected the odor of marijuana.

A male subject opened the door. Police asked if he lived there, and he told them he did not. A female subject came to the door. She stated she lived there and allowed the officers entry.

Upon stating their reason for contact, the female subject admitted to having marijuana in her room. One officer went with the female subject to investigate her room, and the other stayed to question the remaining five subjects in the living area.

In the resident’s room, the officer found three prescription pill bottles with “leafy green plant material” inside, two metal grinders, three glass bong bowls with burnt residue, a glass pipe with black burnt residue, a tupperware container with marijuana shake, two packs of rolling papers, several miscellaneous storage items with shake inside each, and a 12-inch, clear glass water bong.

After the officer confiscated all the items, the female resident explained “most of it was not hers,” and that she was “holding onto some things for a friend,” according to the police report.

The officer who remained in the living area first questioned the female resident’s sister. She stated she had arrived at approximately 8:30 p.m., and had not used marijuana while in the apartment.

Two male subjects were questioned next. One said he was in the military and was “routinely drug tested,” so he had not used marijuana. While questioning him, the officer noticed a collapsed knife attached to his front pants pocket. The officer removed the knife, and searched the subject’s person. The officer found nothing else of interest.

The other male subject said he smoked “about half a bowl” from a pipe. He claimed he had nothing illegal on his person, and consented to a search. Inside of the subject’s backpack, the officer found a small hand towel that smelled of marijuana. The pocket it was in held marijuana shake. The officer asked where the pipe that had been wrapped in the towel was. The pipe was later found inside the female resident’s room.

The officer questioned two other female subjects, who both stated they had taken one or two hits from a glass bong. Nothing of interest was found on either of their persons.

In the other room, the female resident confirmed who had been smoking, and explained they were going to get frozen yogurt, and her sister had offered to drive, as she was sober.

The two male and female subjects who refrained from using marijuana did not receive any citations. Since one subject had previous contact with the police for marijuana use, she was issued a citation. The rest opted for the diversion program.

‘I am never going to answer the door’

At approximately 12:56 a.m. April 3, campus police received a noise complaint. Five female subjects refused to cooperate with a resident assistant on the third floor of Governors Hall. The individuals were verbally aggressive and failed to identify themselves, lying about their identities to the resident assistant.

Upon arriving on the scene, the responding officers requested the resident assistant record a written statement including the names the girls, and who else was present. They also confirmed who was checked into the room of contact at the time — many of the people within the room at the time of the resident assistant’s initial contact had already left.

The officers made their way to the third floor. As they approached the room, they could hear individuals inside saying “I am never going to answer the door,” according to the police report.

A nonresident female subject answered the door. She explained she was not a student here, and gave the officers a fake name. After explaining they knew she was lying, she surrendered her Blugold card, as well as her driver’s license. A second subject identified self as her real identity.

The officers spoke to the girls, stating their behavior toward the resident assistant was “unwarranted,” according to the police report. The first subject explained they felt threatened and mistreated by the resident assistant.

The second subject explained she was scared, and did not feel the resident assistant had the authority to “write them up” without being issued a warning first. She was identified by the resident assistant as “the most aggressive” toward her, yelling loud enough to be heard down the hallway. The subject explained she had simply been raising her voice to be heard above the other girls, as there were “between nine and eleven” girls inside the room at the time. The subject claimed she had not meant to intimidate the resident assistant.

After meetings with the resident assistant and hall director, UW-Eau Claire police did not issue any citations.