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Drunken misconduct occurs and sleeping man found in the Towers Hall lobby


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Last week, UW-Eau Claire police officers responded to uncooperative subjects and a man sleeping in the Towers Hall entrance.

Talk to the hand

At 10:18 p.m. on April 15, two officers were sent to Garfield Ave. because a male subject created a disturbance by knocking over a trash can. 

The officers arrived and observed two male subjects and one female subject near the south end of the footbridge. Officer 1 exited the vehicle and approached one of the male subjects. He was wearing a “Busch Latte” t-shirt.

Male 1 attempted to walk away and refused to identify himself to Officer 1. The officer said to Male 1 that he was not allowed to leave because of a case he was investigating of a male subject tipping over a garbage can.

Male 1 attempted to walk away again and would not identify himself. Officer 1 advised him again not to leave. He observed that Male 1’s eyes were glossy and he would sway side to side when standing still.

Officer 2 made contact with Male 2 and Female 1. They both identified themselves to the officer.

Officer 1 again told Male 1 to identify himself but walked away for a third time. Officer 1 asked why he tipped over the garbage can.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Male 1 said.

Male 1 walked past Officer 1. He said to Male 1 that if he walked away again, he would be placed under arrest. He asked again for Male 1 to identify himself, and he complied. 

Officer 1 asked him if he had consumed any intoxicating beverages. Male 1 said he had not. Officer 1 asked why he had knocked over the garbage can.

“We were just being stupid,” Male 1 said.

Officer 1 observed Male 1 had a backpack on. He asked him what was inside.

“My f****** school books,” Male 1 said.

Officer 1 again asked how many alcoholic beverages he consumed. Male 1 said he had none. Officer 1 asked if he could look in his bag, which the man also denied. Officer 1 asked if he would consent to a preliminary breath test. Male 1 would not consent.

Officer 1 conducted a records check on Male 1, who had no wants, was not on probation and was valid to drive.

Male 1 was given a citation with a fine for disorderly conduct. He was also assessed with a Proxy for Eau Claire County and given three points for “medium risk” of reoffending. Officer 1 then assessed the damage on the garbage can, reported none and tipped it back over. 

Wake up sleepy head

At 6:03 a.m. on Friday, April 16, an officer was dispatched to Towers Hall for reports of a person sleeping in the lobby entryway. When the officer arrived, he observed a man laying in the entryway to the lobby on the northeast side.

The officer approached the man and informed him of the reason for contact. The man identified himself and had no wants and was not on probation. 

The officer asked the man why he was in the building. The man said he was not sleeping, but had come inside for a short time to warm up. 

The officer explained the camping ordinance to him but said he was not going to issue any citations. The man said he understood and would leave the building.

The man then asked the officer if he would give him a ride to the edge of campus. The officer said he could not due to COVID-19 concerns. The man called the officer an “asshole” and asked for the officer’s name and badge number. The officer gave him his name and badge number.

The man then gathered his belongings and left campus on the sidewalk. 

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