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Squirrel saved from campus rooftop and students caught with contraband

Lea Kopke

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The following information was obtained from UW-Eau Claire Police Department records.

Stuck Squirrel

At 4:49 p.m. on Dec. 12, a UW-Eau Claire student activated the 911 emergency phone line in Murray Hall. While on the line, the student said there was a squirrel hanging off of the building on the fourth floor near the roof and it seemed stuck.

A UW-Eau Claire police officer arrived at the scene along with the Community Service Officer of the Eau Claire Police Department. The two located the squirrel, which seemed distraught. Officers believe the squirrel was too afraid to move, due to the small group of students who had formed near the squirrel.

After gaining roof access, the two attempted to encourage the squirrel to climb down the building. They did so with the use of snowballs, a baton and an airhorn. After being scared by the officer and the CSO’s noise, the squirrel scurried away unharmed.

Marijuana and Alcohol Found in Towers

At 10:17 p.m. on Nov. 30, a campus officer was dispatched to Marilyn Karlgaard Tower Hall after two resident assistants smelled marijuana coming from a dorm room while they were conducting rounds. The reporting officer was assisted by a second campus officer.

The RAs told the officer they smelled the odor as they walked by a room with an open door. The officer told the RAs she would go make contact with the students and investigate the odor.

Upon arrival, the officer saw two female students sitting outside of the reported room. After confirming that the two were the residents of the room, the officer asked for consent to enter the room, and was allowed inside.

After entering the room, the officer could smell marijuana. She introduced herself to the students and explained why she was called to the room. Both students admitted to smoking marijuana while they were walking outside shortly before the officer contacted them.

The officer asked the residents if they had any marijuana or other illegal items in the room, and both said they did not. After receiving consent, the officer commenced a search of the items within the room.

The officer located a joint with leafy, green material inside that she identified as marijuana. She also located several bottles of alcohol, ranging from open bottles of tequila to bottles of Smirnoff Ice.

One of the residents admitted to being the owner of the joint and told the officer she had forgotten it was in the room. Because she had no prior drug history, the officer found her to be eligible for the Eau Claire County Diversion Program. She explained the program to the resident. The resident chose to complete the program, so the officer helped her to sign up for a class date.

The officer then disposed of the alcohol with the other resident. After doing so, the officer cleared the scene and brought the marijuana joint with her to the police department to place it into an evidence locker.

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