This week on Blugold Radio Sunday

(This news release was obtained from Blugold Radio Sunday.)


Students of Blugold Radio Sunday will be going live from 5 to 9 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 4 on 89.7 FM WUEC. The producers of Blugold Radio Sunday, Clara Neupert, Jon Fortier and Matt Hordyke, will focus in on the main aspects of common courtesy on their segments called “Producer’s Panel”.

Along with an educated conversation from the producers, Sunday’s broadcast will include:

  • “Spin Cycle” hosted by Scarlett Bahma and Patric Lemarsh will discuss the recent dispute between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West about how many kids each partner wants.
  • “Rock Talk” hosted by Tyler Bee and Andrew Moen will touch on how both Bon Jovi and Kiss released a new leg of their tour dates for 2019. Bee recently went to a Goo Goo Dolls concert which will be talked about on Sunday as well.
  • Hosts Bailey Rieger-Borer and Marin Munos of “Blugold Literary Broadcast” will be attending Adult Storytelling Night at Volume One, which will feature a plethora of spooky stories. Rieger-Boerer and Munos will then evaluate what they heard at the event.
  • “The Album Analyzer” hosted by Oscar Sexauer will bring to light a lesser-known extended play music album, Blind by Leon Power. Sexauer feels that with its 5,000 views on Soundcloud, more people should listen to it.
  • “Homescreen on Air” hosted by Joshua Krien will talk about the differences in game design and innovation from 2011, which was known for releasing a lot of games with new ideas, to now.
  • Bailey Rieger-Borer, host of “In Their Shoes,” will be riding alongside a cop for a day to get an inside perspective of what their job entails.
  • “University Showcase” hosted by Matt Hordyke and Jon Fortier will be sitting down with Robert Greene, a professor at UW-Eau Claire, to discuss his research in psychology, philosophy and linguistics.

At the top of each hour, News Director Kailin Schumacher will anchor Blugold Radio Sunday News. Blugold Radio Sunday provides entertainment and informative content in each week’s broadcast from the UW-Eau Claire.